They do not pay their debts because they are untouchable.  The warden can’t do anything

According to the results of, in 2023 A total of PLN 57.7 billion was provided for implementation. Bailiffs collected PLN 11.8 billion, including more than PLN 2.2 billion in wages. It is not so much, so changes in legislation are necessary – site comments.

He cites experts who claim that it is initially necessary to set the level of the enforcement-free minimum wage by a percentage. Ultimately, developing a new and more effective mechanism.

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The Petitions Committee made an attempt to resolve issues related to the implementation of obligations related to wages for work during the previous term of the House of Representatives. However, work on the Committee’s project cannot be completed before the end of the term. Now, Anita Kucharska-Dziedic, an MP from the left, has recalled the problem.

Regulations ‘out of touch with reality’

“The Polish legal system fully protects the minimum wage from enforcement liability. This institution was introduced at a time when the minimum wage actually provided only the bare minimum of subsistence. “Taking into account the increases in this amount in recent years, it should be noted that more comprehensive protection of this amount has become disconnected from reality,” Dr. Kucharska-Dziedic wrote in a parliamentary inquiry.

Ministry of Finance data shows that 3.05 million citizens received the minimum wage in 2023. This amounts to 20 percent. Working society. This group has all of its income exempt from enforcement liability.

The number of debtors protected thanks to this may be greater. All this is because the real income is hidden by taking part of the salary (exceeding the minimum wage) “under the table” – claims

The effectiveness of implementation is low, and the current method of protecting wages from implementation contributes to deepening the problem. – says Adrian Szolinski, Director of the Financial Market Department of the Leviathan Union. It reminds us that it was once associated with the minimum wage. – It’s just that the minimum wage has risen significantly in recent years – adds Zwoliński, quoted by

It is getting harder and harder to get your money back

The minimum wage has been systematically increased for several years. This year it is 4242 PLN, and from July 1 it will rise again to 4300 PLN. reports that other solutions have also been offered, for example extraditions of bailiffs or changes in consumer bankruptcy, and Recovering the money owed may be more difficult.

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