A mystery for fans of the Kogel-Mogel film.  Check if the adventures of Kasia and Mrs. Wolańska are at your fingertips!

Kugel Mogil It is a famous Polish comedy consisting of four parts. The first two films, directed by Roman Zalewski, are considered the most classic and beloved by viewers. It was a long time ago, in 1988, and a year later when the sequel came out. The first film tells the story of Katarzyna Solska from the countryside, who dreams of studying in Warsaw. Her parents are against it and her father especially wants his only daughter to marry. When Kasia mistakenly believes she has failed her studies, she breaks down and agrees to get married, but when the mistake is discovered, she runs away from home to Warsaw. There, unfortunately, she cannot afford accommodation because she arrived to study too early, and suddenly on her way she meets an older woman with a grandson who is looking for a nanny. Kasia Solska, uncertain, agrees to care for the boy and lives with the Wolański family. The upcoming scenes will bring more trouble and a lot of laughter to the viewers!

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Kogel-Mogel: a mystery for cinema lovers

Are you a fan of the movie “Kogel-Mogel”? Do you know who said, “It’s kind of fancy here” and who often repeated the phrase, “My daughter, my daughter”? If you answered yes to these questions, take the quiz below and check what you know about comic characters.

A mystery for fans of the Kogel-Mogel film. What do you know about confessional comedy?

Question 1 of 10

Let’s start with something easy. Who said the phrase “it’s kind of luxurious here”?

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