Box office world: Everyone wants to experience “The Five Nightmares”
There is a calm in cinemas around the world before the storm caused by Disney’s “Marvels” and the Indian blockbuster “Tiger 3”, but viewership is not decreasing at all, with most films recording surprisingly low declines.

Horror remains number one “Five nightmares”Which the Prime Minister of 11 other countries helped maintain its leadership position. We estimate that the film made money over the weekend $29.5 million. This means that foreign revenues exceeded US$100 million (PLN 103.7 million) and global revenues exceeded US$200 million (PLN 217.1 million).

One of the best new markets for horror “Five nightmares” It turned out to be Spain. As of Wednesday (including previews), the film has grossed $5 million there (the second-best opening for a horror film in this country). It also achieved excellent results in Italy – $4 million, the best opening in the history of the Blumhouse studio. Similar records were also broken, among others, in Portugal and Belgium.

In reality In 29 countries around the world, including Poland, “Five Nightmare Nights” was the biggest box office success in Blumhouse studio history.. We must remember that the film has not yet been shown in all countries of the world. It will debut this month in France and South Korea. The Japanese will wait for the film’s premiere until February.

Trailer for the movie “Five Nightmares”

After great pre-premiere screenings, the drama officially hit theaters on Friday “Cheng Jiu Xian Yi Ren” (Who is the suspect?) Naturally, it became the leader of the Chinese box office. He made money over the weekend $19.3 million. This gives a total of US$33.7 million.

Animation came in third place again “Trolls 3”. The film recorded an increase in revenues in many countries compared to last week, and in total the decline amounted to only 14% $13.2 million. The cartoon was never premiered in America. Apart from this, he already has $57 million in his account, of which $15.5 million is from Great Britain and $9 million is from France.

He landed in fourth place “Blood Moon Time”. Its revenues also decreased slightly (by 24%) and amounted to $11.9 million. The film is doing well in France, where its revenues decreased by only 1% compared to last week! In total, Apple’s production outside the United States generated $66.8 million.

Concert movie “Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages” He moved up three places in our rankings. Last weekend saw a 73% increase in revenue $11.6 million! The film debuted, among other things, in South Korea, where it did not make any significant impact. It ranked fifth in terms of revenue and sixth in terms of tickets sold.

animation “Paw Patrol: The Great Movie” It still has its viewers around the world. Revenues fell by only 21% 8 million dollars. This means that globally the film is approaching the US$200 million mark (currently at US$181.7 million).

The only real novelty on our list is the Japanese offering “Gojira Minasu One” (Godzilla minus one). The film broke the domestic opening record for a Japanese film in IMAX theaters ($1.2 million). In general, the painting took off $7.8 million. In local currency, this is almost double the opening of the previous Japanese King of the Monsters film, “Shin Gojira.”

The last film on our list is another Japanese production – “The Boy and the Heron”. Anime has begun to invade cinemas all over the world, and we estimate that it almost turned a profit last weekend. $6.5 million. Of this, more than $2.5 million comes from its second weekend in South Korea (in total, the film has already earned more than $11 million there).

Top premieres in 2023 without america

# Title Influence without America
Total receipts
the first show
1 Barbie $805.6 1441.5 dollars 19.07 United States of America
2 Super Mario Bros. film $787.7 1362.6 dollars 5.04 United States of America
3 Vermilion River $673.7 $673.7 22.01 China
5 Oppenheimer $623.2 $948.0 19.07 United States of America
4 Wandering Earth 2 $599.5 604.5 dollars 22.01 China
6 Fast and Furious 10 $574.2 $720.2 17.05 United States of America
7 Gu Chu Yi Qi $570.3 $570.3 8.08 China
8 Xiao Shi Di Ta $522.2 $522.2 22.06 China
9 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 $486.6 $845.6 3.05 United States of America
10 Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1 $395.4 $567.5 12.07 United States of America
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