One of the most expensive films in Poland.  “Chopin” on a record budget

The film “Chopin” by Michał Kwieciński received support of PLN 6 million from the Polish Film Institute. According to the Polish Film Institute, that is “Only” 9.25 percent of the entire budget. The producers – Akson Studio (founder and president Michał Kwieciński) – applied for financing in the amount of PLN 9 million. Filming of “Chopin” is scheduled to begin in September, Gazeta Wyborcza reports.

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The most expensive Polish production is still “Quo Vadis” from 2001 – the budget of the film directed by Jerzy Kowalirowicz was more than PLN 76 million. So far, the second place has been taken by the film “Carol. The Pope Who Remained a Man” with a budget of about PLN 44 million.

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