365 Days: Where was the movie made today?  What scenes were created in Poland?

365 days: this day It premiered on April 27 on Netflix and immediately became the most-watched movie on the platform. The picture, inspired by the sensational prose of Blanca Lipinska, is a continuation of the film “365 Days” about the fate of a Polish woman, Laura, who was kidnapped by Italian gangster Massimo. As in the first part, the action takes place in luxurious and magnificent locations – from private mansions to historical churches. We know where the individual scenes were created.

Note that the rest of the text contains spoilers.

Pictures for the movie “365 Days: This Day” were made in Poland and Italy. Production started in Warsaw In May 2021then several scenes were shot in different locations in Mazovia, and finally the film crew moved to Italy, filming, among others, took place in Sicily and Sardinia.

Monastery of San Nicol La ReinaInscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is a former Benedictine monastery located in Catania, Sicily. In this beautiful setting, the dramatic scene of the shooting of Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) was filmed. It makes sense that the protagonist of Massimo (Michel Moroni) comes from Sicily. However, it is difficult to determine whether the filmmakers actually shot in a real monastery or whether they used photos taken outside and took the scene in the studio.

Laura and Nacho (Simone Susinna) go on a motorboat trip – these scenes were filmed in stunning landscapes Golfo di Orosei in Sardinia, along a beautiful beach at the foot of the Supramonti mountain range. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

In turn, the romantic wedding scenes of Laura and Massimo were created in Poland, in Mazovia. The protagonists of the tale have told themselves the sexual secrets In the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Florian in Uniejów. The film crew took pictures in the church and in Uniejów Castle. Although the film was shot in Italy, it is the interior of the church at Uniejów that the filmmakers used to film many of the scenes. Among the actors who played on the stages of Uniejów, among others were Michel Moroni and Ewa Kasperczyk.

“365 Days: This Day” continues the story of the heated relationship between Massimo and Laura. However, a mysterious man named Nacho appears in their life, who fights for the heart of a beautiful Polish woman. There is no shortage of exciting scenes!

Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes are once again responsible for directing “365 Days: This Day”. The cast includes, among others Anna Maria Cicluca, Magdalena Lamparska, Ewa Kasperzyk, Michele Moroni, Otar Saralidze And Simon Sosina.

Although both parts of “365 Days” were widely criticized in the reviews, they aroused great interest from the public. Between April 25 and May 1, Netflix users worldwide Spent 77.9 million hours watching 365 days: this day.

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