Karolina Korwin Piotrowska MIAŻDŻY’s New Film With Opozda and Fabijański: “Awesome”

From time to time, new comedic nightmares appear in the local film market. Most of them were created on Valentine’s Day, but there are also “Without Occasion”. In February, Netflix released the first Polish comedy, “Love Square”. Unlike loud advertising, production It turned out to be a failure.

Apparently, no conclusions were reached after this defeat, because the broadcasting platform treated viewers with another such “action”. This time the movie is called Dreams win. This is a story about a snowboarder whose career was interrupted due to an injury. Soon the guy meets a pianist who inspires him to fulfill his dream of participating in the Olympics.

The film features, among other things joanna obuzdaSebastian Fabijansky and Magorzata Kochoska. Interestingly enough, the screen also appears in one scene … Piotr Żyła. Unfortunately, the first reviews are not optimistic. Carolina Corwin PiotrovskaIt is already after examination, Leave no dry strands on the film.

World Championship achieved in the film category Bad, schematic, just stupid and so bad Well represented names. simulation, Strange faces, like the ones in the school theatre. From this movie beats Such terrible cheapness, such devastating stupidityThat shock and disbelief – writes at first.

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We later read that the plot is full of “stupid technology”, a Editing is like “Polo TV-style music videos”.

At one point, Chopin, a charming pianist from Asia – also appeared in this role selena loUnfortunately, the actress is really not one of them, give training bullshit. (…) And Kochowska as a mother abandoned and forgotten by her son (…) is the only one who does not give as much body here as her other colleagues The journalist resides on Instagram.

Carolina wonders Or what you saw could be called a movie.

Editing some pretty pictures, adding music, and writing dialogues in bravo style might be a movie for some people. To me, it’s just a schematic diagram. poor music video – writes adding it during the show “She was very tired.”

I’ve seen many films in my life, often they are bad, meager, but Such intensity of lowly incompetence and ostentation (…) I don’t think I’ve seen that before. I understand times are tough, you need to make money, but why in something like this?She asks.

Netizens who have already watched “Win the Dreams” share her opinion.

Scary, I couldn’t do it; This is the longest two hours of my life; I started watching today. It turned off after five minutes. This is nonsense; Lose dreams of a good movie. Defeat welcomes us already in the first minutes of this “work”. Don’t waste your time on such shit. Boring, drag like tripe with oil. This computer is snowing Write in the comments.

Have you already watched “Win Dreams”? how did you find it?

Nothing new 90% of Polish movies and series recorded in the last 20 years are put in the trash

I think this is a poster. Looks like they collected some private photos from the net.

A person who lives by talking to others speaks

This opposition is pasted on the poster from the picture on the wall haha

Unfortunately, the movie was in vain, and it wasn’t even about comedy

Recent Comments (147)

Agree, I have not seen such a stupid movie for a long time, first of all boring, so many unnecessary topics, why is this Budapest at all? It is poorly modified, continued, it is boring, it is a pity for the young actor who plays the main role. Why is that Chopin over there and this ice, it has nothing to do with sports, and he doesn’t know what this movie is about

Joanna, if she was in Hollywood, there would be a star with us who just hates the same Weronika Rosati. They are both attractive and talented, but you don’t like them in this country

Neither Joanna nor Sebastian ever won their dreams

I loved the movie, good quality entertainment

Unfortunately, fortunately, beautiful views

With this poison, Mrs. Carolina will poison everyone. There is no evaluation of merits, only malice abuse. If he’s really a critic, let him be objective. When I read her reviews, I immediately see a math “hanging” and I don’t know why

Bad. Decorated also did not show off. It is very stiff. Always at the right angle, always the same.

Mrs. Corwin Peutroka only has a job. First of all, she never likes anything, secondly, apart from talking to others, she does nothing more vulnerable.

The Opozda in this movie only has an episode, it can’t be called a run. It’s the first 15 minutes and Kożuchów fails!!! What actors like this movie

It’s the longest two hours of my life, she says, I turned it on after 5 minutes. ha ha ha

Krolikowski is terribly lame for giving up a child and such a beautiful wife. At least Fabijansky is taken care of by the family and he is happy with his son

But OPOZDA is the prettiest anyway.


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Asia and Fabijansky must get along

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