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Movie premiere about the monster from Jaworzno at HBO Max |  Jaworzno - Social Portal

Movie premiere about the monster from Jaworzno at HBO Max | Jaworzno – Social Portal

The story of the boxer, known as the Jaworzno Monster, will be shown on HBO Max. The movie “The Survivor” will be shown on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.


The director of The Survivor is Barry Levinson, the Academy Award winner for Rain Men. A model for the Jaworzno film camp has been set up in Hungary.

Adrian Rams talks about the true story of boxer Hari Heft and how the reality shown in the film differs from the reality in the camp.

The Beast from Jaworzno was played by American actor Ben Foster, who, according to www.egz24.net, was not only an acting and physical challenge, but also a deeply spiritual and internal thing. The actor, who played the role, decided to make a complete transformation so that his physical appearance and weight would be consistent with that of a Jewish prisoner of war.

Source: Egz24.net

In order to reverse the veracity of Harry Heft’s story, the filmmakers visited the camp at Auschwichem. According to film critics, in The Survivor, which ran for more than two hours, the director created the character of Hefta in huge emotional ranges, from brutal violence to emotional nuances. The film with music by H. Zimmer is heartbreaking.

Source: Egz24.net

Harry Heft, or Mukhisz Friedler, who was called the Jaworzno Monster, was born in Bełchatów in 1925. He came from a poor Jewish family. At the age of 16, Harry was captured by the Germans. In a camp near the mine KL Auschwitz-Birkenau – Arbeitslager “NeuDachs” No. 147 in JaworznoHe faces a fate that will affect the rest of his life. The young man ended up in the ring where he played several boxing fights to the death.

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Source: Egz24.net

People interested in the history of the Jaworzno camp are invited to the Jaworzno City Museum, where you can find more interesting information in the permanent exhibition.

Premiere of the movie “Mr.”. Meet the creators

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