June pension accounts are provided.  What transfers will affect the accounts?

In April, Polish pensioners can count on their thirteenth pension, i.e. additional benefit in a total amount of PLN 1,780.96. To get it, you didn’t have to submit any application – ZUS grants it automatically. Thirteenth pensions are always paid with basic entitlement, on the date of payment, i.e. the first, sixth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth and twenty-fifth days of the month. Pensions ‘back to normal’ in May, what will the situation be like in June?

June pension calculations are already available. What amounts will be transferred to the accounts?

People who receive pensions on the first day of the month will receive their accounts on May 31, as June 1 falls on a Saturday this year. This year, the index reached 12.2% and the minimum pension increased to PLN 1,780.96.

Gazeta Pomorska provided examples of increases that Polish elderly people who previously received the following pensions can count on:

  • 1 thousand gross PLN before indexation (until March) – net 1,020.29 PLN after indexation

  • Gross PLN 1,200 before indexation (until March) – Net PLN 1,224.35 after indexation

  • Gross PLN 1,400 before indexation (until March) – Net PLN 1,428.41 after indexation

  • Gross PLN 1,600 before indexation (until March) – Net PLN 1,632.47 after indexation

  • Gross PLN 1,800 before indexation (until March) – Net PLN 1,836.53 after indexation

  • 2 thousand PLN gross before indexation (until March) – 2040.58 PLN net after indexation.

Pensions indexing It is a permanent instrument of the Social Insurance Institution, with its help the agency equates the benefit with the current purchasing power of money. It affects the index value Consumer inflation or so-called pension inflationThat is, the average annual increase in the prices of consumer goods and services, which is calculated separately for the families of retirees and pensioners. When calculating the indexation index, the index most suitable for the elderly is taken into account.

The amount of indexation is also affected by the real increase in average salary in a given year.

The forecasts published by the Ministry of Finance indicate the following: Seniors will not see such a large increase in benefits next year. It is estimated that in 2025 the proportion of pensions and disability benefits will reach 7.5%. This is the lowest expected value since 2021, when inflation in Poland started to rise.

What will the lowest pension be in 2025? Assuming that in 2025 the benchmark rate will be 7.5%, the lowest retirement benefit next year will be 1,914.53 Polish zloty. I remember that Currently, the lowest pension is PLN 1,780.96so as of March 1, 2025, it may increase by PLN 133.57.

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