Intelligence test: Can you solve this simple childish puzzle?

Easy puzzle for logical thinking

Today we will present to you a puzzle game for children that will stimulate your gray cells to think. Doing creative exercises regularly, especially in the morning, can have a beneficial effect on brain function and our well-being. Take a look at the command below and try to solve it in less than 10 seconds. are you ready? Begins!

If two apples and two oranges cost the same as three apples and one orange, how much does one apple cost compared to one orange?

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Today we will introduce you to one of us Intelligence tests. In this task you must show logical thinking, which is useful in our daily life. Remember that solving puzzles regularly can have a positive effect on your mental work. Look at the prompt below and try to answer the question in less than 10 seconds. Not everyone is able to do this. ready? Begins!

One apple costs the same as one orange.

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