March 21, 2023


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End of nc + GO Canal + online application does not act as receipt

End of nc + GO Canal + online application does not act as receipt

Thanks to nc + GO, subscribers can watch TV channels and video-on-demand content from their package on the screen of a smartphone, tablet or computer. The app was created at a time when streaming services were launched. So there were hourly usage limits for nc + GO. Subscribers with the most expensive packages can use the service for 744 hours without additional fees, and subscribers with the most expensive packages can use the service for up to 3 hours per month.

In September 2019, the nc+ platform changed its name to Canal+. In May 2020, the online streaming service Canal + was launched. No time limits and also available on Smart TV (Android TV, Tizen). So having nc + GO becomes redundant. Especially since the name of the site and the application refers to the previous name of the platform.

nc + GO . gradual dimming

Already in the previous year, the Canal + platform began phasing out the nc + GO service. Selected subscribers have lost access to it. This is the next phase of the nc + GO termination process that has been going on for several months. On November 3, the service will be disabled for another group of subscribers, but not for everyone. We constantly encourage all subscribers of satellite services to sign up for our state-of-the-art Canal+ online service, which provides access to on-demand and live content at no additional cost as part of your subscription, on multiple devices and without an hourly limit – He did the translation already in the fall of last year. portal, press spokesperson for Canal + Piotr Kaniowski.

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Now all clients have changed. You cannot use the application or view the content provided by the nc + GO service. – We change for you! The nc + GO service is no longer available. We encourage you to register for the new Canal + online service and use it for free. Canal + online is a streaming service with a wide range of series, movies and sports in the highest quality. Watch on any device, without restrictions – wherever and whenever you want – we read at

Of course, the service is freely available only to long-term subscribers of the Canal + satellite platform. Other people have to buy at least the Canal + package for PLN 45 per month. There are also promotions, such as for Highway enthusiasts, when the subscription cost is lower initially.

Without the current number of Canal + subscribers in Poland

At the end of December 2021, Canal + had 23.7 million subscribers worldwide. This represents an increase of 1.6 million compared to the end of 2020. Up to 0.9 million new customers are residents of Africa, 0.4 million are French, and 0.3 million have been acquired by the company in other European markets, including Poland. There is no specific data for Poland. The show only shows that at the end of 2021, the company had 5.658 million subscribers across Europe, excluding France.

The Canal + Polska channel on the company’s website reports that it has 2.7 million subscribers. However, the operator provided the same data a year ago. Vivendi’s financial report shows that last year the Canal + Group revenue amounted to 5.770 billion euros, an increase of 5.2%. Compared to 2020. In 2021, the profitability of the Canal + Group improved compared to 2020, with EBITA at 480 million euros, compared to 435 million euros in 2020, which means an increase of 10.4%.

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