Śledztwo w sprawie działań przedstawicieli handlowych, którzy reprezentowali spółkę Energa-Obrót, wszczęła Prokuratura Okręgowa w Gdańsku - dowiedział się reporter RMF FM. Chodzi o agentów, którzy odwiedzali klientów energetycznego koncernu w ich domach i podpisywali z nimi aneksy do umów. Przed klientami zatajano szczegóły oferty, w tym informacje o dodatkowych opłatach.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk has launched an investigation into the activities of salespeople who represented Energa-Obrót – the RMF FM correspondent learned. It is about agents who have visited energy concern customers in their homes and signed appendices to their contracts with them. Offer details, including information on additional fees, were kept from customers.

investigation concerns deal with that Described in detail in RMF FM Facts less than a year ago. We have revealed the scenes of the sale made in the form of door2door on behalf of Energi-Obrót by a company, which was called Business Partner.

sales representativesDuring a pandemic, when the activity of many industries is limited or suspended, Visiting Energa customers at their homes and offering them to sign appendices to their contracts. He was supposed to guarantee the signature Fixed rate per kilowatt hour for a certain period of time. In fact, however, it also changed the tariff (from G11 to G11K) and Introduced additional trading fees, added to billing for each month. Many customers were surprised by the high bills and felt cheated that they were not informed of such details of the offer.

We got to the salespeoplethat worked for the described company. They told us that They are trained to deliberately mislead customers. Some of them resigned from work due to remorse, among other things because the appendices were signed mainly by the elderly, for whom the changes introduced were a huge financial burden.

This case started in Energa internal investigation, because a sales representative reported the practice to company authorities. However, only after RMF FM and RMF24.pl published detailed information behind the sales, a decision was made to deprive the said company of the possibility of representing Energi-Obrót.

Disagreements in the sale of energy. RMF FM reveals the case, netizens write about other cases

In this case, the Energa Group authorities did not rule out sending a notification to the Public Prosecution Office about the possible commission of a crime. But this did not happen for several months. Notice given in February.

The case concerns many threads and many people, which required the company to carry out complex procedures, analyze documents, as well as telephone contact with customers in case of irregularities during the conclusion of door-to-door contracts. Immediately after collecting the necessary materials, a notification was drawn up – RMF FM informed Katarzyna Dziadul of the press office of Energii SA, acknowledging that the notification relates to the disposition of the Energa-Obrót account, without providing any details of the case.

As found in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the investigators decided, after analyzing the written notification by a representative of Energa-Obrót, Initiate investigation In this case. The decision was made on March 10. The proceedings were entrusted to the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdansk.

The notification relates to the inconsistent performance of the contract by one of the sub-agents and the network of salespeople established by him, who are making sales on behalf of Energia-Obrót at so-called door2door, through, among other things Not informing customers of commercial charges And the Carrying out activities aimed at concealment This charge. As a result of these activities, the company was due to cause a significant loss of value by an approximate amount million zlotys – says RMF FM Grażyna Wawryniuk from the Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk. As he adds, the notice also applies to disclosure of business secrets and Unlawful processing of personal data.

As we revealed, the personal data of customers was not sufficiently protected, the salespeople exchanged it in the form of screenshots in an unencrypted caller, allowing access to sensitive data by unauthorized persons.

In April 2021, after several weeks of collecting and verifying information from customers visited in their apartments by sellers, salespeople who did this work, and other people with important information about this, we described the activities of only one group of sales groups. Representatives working for the company Energa-Obrót.

After publishing information about it, we received Huge response from RMF FM listeners and RMF24.pl . readers. These were the company’s clients, including those who felt misled, as well as people working for Energa-Obrót. passed by The information indicated similar anomalies Among other business partners, providing services in the form of door2door as well as telephone or fixed point sales. The signals were about concealing information about trade fees and the actual terms of the contract from customers, as well as changing the tariff from G11 to G11K.

After our next post PKN Orlen, the majority shareholder of Energa Capital Group . has been commissioned Audit of the entire external sales network of Energa-Obrót.

Immediately after the media reports on sales in the door-to-door channel, an internal audit of the entire external sales network of the company was carried out. It was completed last summer. As a result of these activities, the company implements the appropriate recommendations resulting from the audit. The vast majority of recommendations have already been implemented – Katharzina informs Dziadol, without specifying in detail what recommendations have already been implemented and which will be given.

From the information we receive, it appears that customers are still having problems with the G11 and G11K tariff contracts and with additional trade fees being covered against their will. We are preparing a separate leaflet on this topic. Doubts no longer apply to selling in the form called door2door. Last summer, amendments to the law went into effect, completely banning the sale of electricity by alleged street vendors.

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