The PiS appealed for help.  The European Union has made a decision.  We are talking about Polish mines

In the original version presented by the European Commission, the draft regulation included provisions that were unfavorable for the Polish mining industry. He spoke of an emission limit of 0.5 tons of methane for every kiloton of coal extracted in mines.

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Critics of this solution, mostly from a cross-party coalition of Polish representatives in the European Parliament, have pointed out that such emissions restrictions could put mines on the brink of bankruptcy.

During negotiations in the European Parliament, PiS MEPs Isabella Kluck and Anna Zalewska introduced amendments to the document to raise this threshold. Ultimately, it was set at 5 tons of methane per kiloton of coal extracted. A provision has also been introduced to apply this threshold to the operator if he operates several mines.

The amendments also replaced the penalties imposed by breaking down the regulations into fees that go to the member state’s budget and are then transferred to mines for investment in technologies to reduce methane emissions.

The coalition against the project’s unfavorable provisions for Poland was cross-party. Diluted amendments were also introduced by MEPs Jerzy Buzek (PO) and Adam Jarubas (PSL).

The Council of the European Union has finally adopted a methane regulation. Thanks to the negotiations I led, it has become much less radical – emissions limits for mines from 2027 are ten times higher than in the European Commission proposal – Klok wrote on Monday on social media.

Jacek Sassen appealed for help

The then Minister of State Property drew attention to the following in a letter to Polish MEPs Unfavorable to the provisions of the Polish side in the proceedings European Parliament Draft regulations of the House of Representatives and the Council on reducing methane emissions in the energy sector.

It was estimated that in the proposed model it could lead to a serious social and economic crisis in the mining industry, due to the need to prematurely close most of the hard coal mines operating in Poland.

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