Laura Fabian reveals some details about her new show

was invited to Sweet salt On Wednesday, Laura Fabian told Melanie Maynard some details about her new show, which will air next year on TVA and TVA+.

The Belgian-Quebec singer-songwriter will invite five famous Quebec artists to his home in his Sicilian villa. All in a breathtaking setting.

“I welcome singers and singers […] Or anyway, people whose lives are mostly filled with music and singing and who like to take risks through slightly chaotic workshops, with people who are actually my mentors. Who are the people I’ve worked with personally for 15 years,” he told Melanie Maynard hours before his concert in Istanbul, Turkey.

“There will be one like Fabio Lazzara, and there will be my master called Issa Padovani,” he named.

On the other hand, in terms of participating celebrities, the former coach the voice and director of recent editions Star Academy Let only the two initials R. and R escape.

His connection with Quebec

Although she has had an international career, Laura Fabian has kept a Quebec entourage with her on her various tours around the world.

“I take my Quebec team around the world and sometimes, people are a little surprised: “Oh, they’re Quebecers. Why?”, but it’s natural, because it works, because you’re surrounded by people who have real rapport, kindness. It’s liquid in their DNA,” explained the singer.

“Yes, my connection is real. And then at the same time, but it’s where my career started, it’s where I’ve lived for 20 years, it’s where I always come back to, it’s where I’ve had a sense of evolving towards a part too. About me that I didn’t know at all from the exchange. Quebec actually opened the door to my first “red chair” of my life the voice“For the first time in my life, experiencing this, I said to myself, ‘Okay, here I am at my X,'” she continued.

Photo courtesy of OSA IMAGES / TVA

Laura Fabian will return to Quebec during her tour i love you for six dates, including June 10 and 11 in Montreal. He will also make stops in Quebec (June 17 and 18), Trois-Rivières (June 6) and Ottawa (June 14 and 15).

For all tour dates:

Sweet salt Airs weekdays at 6:30pm on TVA and can be replayed anytime TVA+.

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