Jump today.  Ski Flying: World Championships in Bad Mitterndorf.  Live coverage and live scores

On Saturday afternoon, we will meet the best pilots in the world. The third and fourth rounds of the Flying Skating World Championships will be held in Bad Mitterndorf, Austria. Who will enjoy victory? How will the Poles fare? Live coverage and live flight results today in Bad Mitterndorf on Polsatsport.pl.

The World Aviation Championships kicked off today, Thursday, in Bad Mitterndorf, with training and qualification. On Friday, two series of competitions were held. The next two are scheduled to be Saturday. Only 30 players will participate.

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So the level will be very high. You can expect long journeys and a fierce battle for victory. The candidates are Timmy Zajek, Stefan Kraft and Johann Andre Forfang. These are the top three middle of the road.

How did things go for the Poles? Piotr Żyła is sixth, Aleksander Zniszczoł ninth, Dawid Kubacki 18, and Paweł Wąsek 29. Kamil Stoch will not participate in the competition – this is the decision of coach Thomas Turnbichler, which he made after Friday's training.

The Flying Ski World Championships are the most important event of the season. The competition is held once every two years. Previously – in the 2021/2022 edition – Marius Lindvik turned out to be the best.

Jumping Today: Live coverage and live results of the World Ski Jumping Championships in Bad Mitterndorf

Live coverage and results of the World Ski Flying Championships in Bad Mitterndorf on Polsatsport.pl. Starting at 2:00 pm.

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Results after the third series:

1. Stefan Kraft – 647.4 (points)
2. Andreas Wellinger – 645.2
3. Timmy Zajec – 642.7
4. Johann Andre Forfang – 629.3
5. Lovro Kos – 628.6
6. Piotr Sella – 626.4
7. Nikko Kitosaho – 613.9
8. Michael Haybok – 610.1
9. Ryuu Kobayashi – 603.5
10. Stefan Leahy – 588.8

12. Alexander Zhnichzol
24. David Kubacki
29. Paul Wasik

Timmy Zajek can't handle Kraft! Wellinger is better too. The Slovenian ranked only third (642.7 points). Stefan Kraft is the world champion!

Stefan Kraft is the new leader – 647.4 points.

Johan Andre Forfang jumps to second place – 629.3 points.

Another change in leadership position! Andreas Wellinger – 645.2 points.

Lovro Kos defeats Sheila by 628.6 points.

Piotr ŻYŁA! 626.4 points Change the leader!

Niko Kitosaho beats Haibuika on vault with 613.9 buckts.

Michael Haybok is the new leader! 610.1 points

Alexander Znieszczul is right behind the podium! Fourth place for Poland – 588.2 points.

Robin Pedersen is 0.1 points worse than Leahy – third place Norwegian (588.7 points)

Stefan Leahy is the new runner-up – 588.8 points.

Change the leader! Ryuu Kobayashi – 603.5 points.

Giovanni Brisadola closes the podium – 569.6 points.

Domen Prevc is the runner-up – 580.8 points.

Marius Lindvik is the leader – 585.2 points.

Davut Kubacki jumps to ninth place – with a total of 529.7 points. column.

Pius Paschke – 539.7 points.

Karl Geiger is also worse than Deschwanden and Insam – 555.6 points.

Junichiro Kobayashi – 544.4 bkt.

Tate Frantz jumps to third place behind Deschwanden and Insam – 549.6 points.

Daniel Andre Tandy – 541.8 points.

Gregor Deschwanden – 560.4 points.

Yevhen Marusiak – 474.5 points.

Simone Ammann with 430.9 points

Paweł Wąsek with uncertain landing due to the wind – 404.6 points. column.

Rin Nikaido jumps in with a total of 342.1 points.

The first jumper reports to the crossbar two hours after the original date.

The pre-runners made their jumps. This means that the third series should start at any moment.

Applicants start and competitors move up. Conditions are improving.

If the competition does not start again by 4:00 PM the competition ends. The final results will be those after two series.

Series three is still postponed – this time we'll see the jumpers no later than 4:00pm.

The start of the third series was moved to 15.45. Therefore, there is no opportunity for four rounds of jumps.

The competition has been postponed to 15:30.

The competition has been moved to 15:15.

The competition must end by 4:30pm – there is no lighting in the facility in Bad Mitterndorf.

The start was postponed to 3:00 p.m.

Update: Kickoff has been moved to 2:45 p.m.

Due to strong winds, the start of the competition series was postponed from two in the afternoon to two:30 in the afternoon. Further transformations are possible.

The World Ski Flying Championships consist of four series. The first two episodes aired on Friday, and today we'll have the final two. At the halfway point, Timmy Zajek, Stefan Kraft and Johan Andre Furwang occupied the top three positions.

The competition is scheduled to start at two in the afternoon.

Welcome to live coverage of Saturday's Air Ski Competition. There are two series ahead of us, after which we will learn about this year's world champion.

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