Discord is ready to return.  Where will the former Legia Warsaw striker play?

Newspix / Rafal Oleksiewicz / Pictured: Jaroslav Niezgoda

Pyotr Kozminski

Jaroslav Niezgoda has spent the last few months recovering from a serious knee injury. Meanwhile, his contract with the Portland Timbers has expired. The former Legia player returned to the country and… WP SportoweFakty checked his current situation.

Jaroslav Niezgoda had his best time in Legia, being the top scorer in the league. Although he performed very well even on loan at Roach. In general, his achievements in the Extraklassa reach 78 matches and 37 goals. After his move to Major League Soccer, he also didn't forget how to shoot: 77 appearances and 19 goals.

Unfortunately, the 29-year-old Niezgoda does not only have a poor track record in terms of goals, but also in terms of injuries. While living in the USA, the former legionnaire tore his cruciate ligaments twice.

In the end, Portland did not extend his contract, and the player decided to go through the rehabilitation process on his own. That is, under the care of specialists, but not in the United States of America, but in Poland.

What is his current club and health status? Our information shows that Niezgoda is already training at full speed. The injury is completely healed and the player does everything a healthy football player does during training. But individually. The knee doesn't feel any way.

Bottom line: Niezgoda is ready to return and should sign a contract with a new employer soon. Who will you be? From what we hear, there is no final decision yet.

Most likely Poland

And the trend? Polish is still the most likely. And although the footballer had many questions from foreign teams, the American direction remains open, but again: he will most likely continue his career in Poland.

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One of the trainers working at Extraklassa had already contacted Niezgoda, asking him about his health and the progress he was making in the rehabilitation process. Now there are many such inquiries, but this is not surprising: most Extraklassa clubs are looking for an effective striker. TVP Sport recently reported that Motor Lublin, who plays for Fortuna I Liga side, also asked about Niezgoda.

He will (probably) return next season

Of course, this player's injury history calls for caution, but on the other hand, Niezgoda has the talent to score goals. From what we hear, he will be able to play even at the end of this season, although the most likely possibility is that he will sign a contract with someone, begin the preparation period with the team, and play for the first time in his new team. Colors in the new season.

Piotr Kozminski, journalist at WP SportoweFakty

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