slag.  Three players are waiting for Arged Malesa at PGE Ekstriga.  Should a newcomer separate everyone with a receipt?

Arged Malesa has been upgraded to PGE Ekstraliga. Now the newcomer has to think about the 2022 squad. Matej Zaggar, Chris Holder and Adrian Medzinski are counting on Ostrow’s bid. – If I were the club, I wouldn’t go in that direction – says Jacek Frątczak.

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Matej Zagar (yellow helmet) vs Norbert Krakowiak

WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Konieczny / Pictured: Matej Zagar (yellow helmet) in front of Norbert Krakowiak

Residents of Ostrów Wielkopolski won the promotion on Sunday. Mariusz Staszewski’s team lost 40:49 in Krosno, but they defended the lead from the first meeting without any problems. After the match, the activists, players, coach and fans were delighted with the success that the city has been waiting for for 24 years. Now, however, Arged Malesa has a very difficult task ahead. Almost all clubs in PGE Ekstraliga have their squads ready for next year’s matches. There is a shortage of good players in the market, and the Ostro residents have to think about what they should do to make the 2022 squad give hope of maintenance.

We’re hearing from Premier League club chiefs that Matty Zaggar, Chris Holder and Adrian Medczynski would definitely be interested in riding Ostrow. These three, in conversations at the back of PGE Ekstraliga, have made it clear that they may be waiting for decisions in the first league.

The only question is whether Arged Males will be interested in rebuilding the team that won the promotion. – On the highway, the principle that the best is the enemy of the good often works – Jacek Frątczak, former club manager from Toruń tells us.

Watch the video highway. Self-ranking of PGE Ekstraliga. Top List Round 18

– I suppose it will only be possible to replace one of the aliens. Most of the doubts were related to Nikolai Klindt, who is having a worse season than the previous one. However, this is a competitor with great potential. He was able to show himself well in the PGE Ekstraliga in Stal Gorzów, and before that also very effective in the colors of the club at Ostrów Wielkopolski. In my opinion, no one should be deleted after one of the weaker games – he adds.

Frątczak believes that after the upgrade, Ostrów players should keep all players and provide them with high-quality equipment. – In my opinion, it will be a kind of power exchange and without any guarantees that the team will gain something from a sporting point of view. But mixing tea does not get sweeter. I don’t know if such a move would make sense. Matej, Chris and Adrian after tough seasons, and Nikolai is still a highway racer with potential for me. I’ll give it a chance, but this year it needs better equipment – confirms Frątczak.

The eWinner 1 Liga chiefs, who have been in contact with Zagar, Holder and Miedziński for a long time, are also waiting for the decisions of Ostrów residents. However, they have not been able to meet their financial expectations yet. These may change if they are fired by the Ostro Club empty-handed.

If Arged Malesa can’t make it to any of the three players mentioned above, all indications are that the players at Ostrów will have to make one transition anyway. This would be related to Patrick Hansen’s move to Moggi Bermuda Staly Gorzo, which we first reported after the end of the Major League One round and Which he confirmed between the lines after the match in Krosno President Valdemar Gorsky.

– I’m not surprised they were hoping for Ostrow to keep Patrick. It is not even the player that guarantees significant gains in PGE Ekstraklasa. It was clear that on the difficult track in Krosno he had problems scoring at a high level. But the problem is different and consists in the fact that there are no better ones on the market – notes Frątczak.

If the residents of Ostrów Wielkopolski have to look, one option might be Mads Hansen, who raced at OK Bedmet Kolejarz this year. The Dane had intended to extend the contract, if the Opole team won a promotion, but in the end it did not happen. Currently, the player is in talks with eWinner clubs in League One and the question is if he is ready to jump into two leagues.

– Besides, you can search in Falubaz, where there are up to three U24 players, such as Damian Pawliczak, Mateusz Tonder and Jan Kvech. This is the most logical direction for me. In my opinion, the crowd in this formation in Zielona Góra is too large and at least one should go. Arged Malesa was promoted, so the argument that Falubaz would boost competition was eliminated. Moreover, the future of Patrick Wagdeo is still unclear. The final ending will be Marcus Berkimos of Moji Bermuda Staley – sums up Frątczak.

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Should Arged Malesa reach out to one of three from Matej Zagar, Chris Holder, Adrian Miedziński?

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