March 22, 2023


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Legia - Dynamo.  Croatian media announce riots before Legia match

Legia – Dynamo. Croatian media announce riots before Legia match

In the third round of the Champions League qualifiers, the Polish champions face favorite team from Croatia, Dynam Zagreb. In the first match, the army won a valuable tie in the opponent’s area. On Tuesday, they will have a rematch in azienkowska.

Before the match in Zagreb, there was a huge riot in the streets of the Croatian capital, which was started by fans of the rival army. According to the Croatian media, several hundred rioters from Dynam and Legia took part in it. Numerous damage was done to the equipment of nearby cafes and cars, but most likely no one was hurt.

It is possible that there will be a “second match” in the capital of our country.

As reported by the Croatian portal, the rioters in Legia are ready to “warmly” welcome the Zagreb fans in Warsaw. “we are waiting for you!” , “It will get hotter when this garbage appears” – these are just some of the entries on social media for Legia fans, quoting the Croatian portal.

– It is virtually certain that there would be more riots if only Dynam fans could cross the border. The question is how the Polish police will behave at the border – we read on the Croatian portal.

Legia Warszawa’s revenge match against Dynam Zagreb will start on Tuesday at 21 at the stadium in El Mujahideen. Łazienkowska.

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