Our man in Warsaw.  Great feelings after showing the movie about Donald Tusk's Russian friendships

Yesterday at 20:00 TVP1 and TVP Info showed a documentary by Marcin Toliky called “Our Man in Warsaw” about Donald Tusk’s relationships. For years, Europe has been looking only at Russian aggression and the subsequent crimes of Russia. It contained successive political and business deals, thanks to which Vladimir Putin was able to terrorize other countries – the film was announced on the Polish state television portal.

During his political career, Donald Tusk repeatedly spoke warmly about the Russian system. We remind you of some scandalous statements by a politician:

Exhibition from 2007 – The lack of dialogue serves neither Poland nor Russia. It harms the interests of both countries in the international arena. (…) That is why I am convinced that it is time for a good change in this matter. Signs from our eastern neighbor confirm that they are also ripening for this view there as well.

2008 We want Russia to become a more important partner for Poland than before, in the economic, political and security fronts.

2011 Poland’s international position, both in the European Union and in the world, depends on the kind of relationship we have with our neighbors. Are you sure that the Smolensk disaster, at the request of some Polish politicians, was a precursor to the Cold War with Russia?

2011 No country despises investor money and Poland is not a country that can turn its back on investors. There is no ideological reason to say “no” to investors from any country, including Russia. Our neighbors are also there to do business with them.

The film aroused great feelings in public opinion. Below we give you different opinions on this topic. The vast majority of the Twitter comments we found left a dry thread on the Civic Platform leader.

After the film was broadcast, director Marcin Tolicki also spoke.

Source: Niezalezna.pl

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