Credit holidays in 2024 will not be reserved for “the richest” – the government announces

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Credit holidays have been confirmed for 2024. What income criteria will apply?

Borrowers in trouble who want to suspend mortgage repayments will be able to benefit from help in the form of loan holidays 2024. What income standard does the government intend to introduce? There are already initial announcements. Check out what’s already known about next year’s holiday.


  1. Credit holidays 2024. What income standard will be offered?
  2. Credit holidays – how many months without paying installments?
  3. Credit holidays 2024 – loan suspension rules
  4. Suspension of mortgage payments means significant costs for banks

Credit holidays 2024. What income standard will be offered?

extension Government loan holidays For 2024, long-awaited by many, has finally been officially confirmed. On September 21, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced this, adding that There will be an income standard, the amount of which has not yet been determined. At the moment, only a political decision to extend the holidays has been made, and the details will only be worked out. Government representatives said just that The new income standard will be “fair,” “very high,” and “covers the majority of borrowers.”.

– We are extending credit holidays for the entire next year. We will apply the income criterion. We do not want those who are richer and wealthier to benefit from it. Those who can afford to pay should pay, Morawiecki said in an interview with Polsat News.

Credit holidays – how many months without paying installments?

Let us remember that statutory loan holidays were introduced in July 2022 as a form of assistance to borrowers who are having problems repaying their obligations due to the increase in interest rates. However, in practice, anyone who has repaid a mortgage loan in Polish złoty can benefit from holidays in 2022 and 2023, regardless of their financial situation. In 2023, regulations allow this – Suspending the payment of one installment every quarter. There are no known rules for 2024.

– During the loan moratorium period, do not pay any installments of the loan principal and interest (excluding any fees under the loan insurance agreement) – says Prime Minister’s Advisory. The bank confirms acceptance of the application within 21 days from the date of receipt. Failure to confirm does not affect the start of the comment period.

According to data from the Credit Information Bureau, credit holidays are until April 30, 2023 The owners of 1.13 million loans benefited. For some people it was a respite from high repayments, for others it was an opportunity to pay off their excess debt. Contrary to appearances, not all eligible people decide to take advantage of the subsidy.

– The NBP report on the stability of the financial system indicates that in the period from October 2022 to February 2023, the share of borrowers who took advantage of the holidays was 65%-70% – says Andrej Brajsnar, expert at the portal.

Credit holidays 2024 – loan suspension rules

Detailed rules for credit holidays 2024 Not known yet. The only certainty is the introduction of an income criterion (the amount of which has not yet been determined). This means that those with higher incomes will not benefit from this option.

at that moment It is not known how many premiums could be suspended in 2024. You are expected to apply for credit holidays in the same way as currently, i.e. from your lending bank in writing or electronically.

Experts from the portal, in turn, point out that it may make sense to introduce a rule stating that only people who are already experiencing financial difficulties can take advantage of the holidays. However, such ideas have not been mentioned in government statements.

Suspension of mortgage payments means significant costs for banks

Although people repaying housing loans will certainly be happy to extend the loan holiday period, it must be remembered that this The relief for borrowers means a greater financial burden on banks. According to data from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, in 2022, the total cost to banks amounted to PLN 13.41 billion. The rate was so high that last year eight banks exceeded the critical levels of the indicators that initiated the recovery plan (although seven of them ultimately decided that they could cope and refrained from taking further steps).

– The Polish National Bank (…) points out that the cost of banks’ credit holidays turned out to be disproportionately high compared to the low costs of credit risks. The Polish National Bank calculated that the banking sector paid the same amount to suspend installments with at least a five-fold increase in the pool of low-value housing loans in PLN – says an expert from the portal.

At the same time, despite these additional costs Banks ended 2022 with profits of PLN 12.4 billionIt is twice as large as it was in 2021.

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