John Krasinki invites you into the world of your childhood.  His film IF got its first trailer

We first heard about IF in 2019, although it didn’t have that title at the time. That’s when John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds I made a movie called Imaginary Friends and immediately there was a storm because every studio wanted the rights to that show. As I mentioned, Paramount eventually acquired it, but the amount it put on the table remains secret.

IF – A film created by John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds in the first trailer

Anyway, the film currently titled IF, short for the working name Imaginary Friends, has just released its first trailer And we can see if the all-star cast will be a hit.

John Krasinski has prepared a film that is a funny story, full of humor and various gags, aimed at viewers of all ages.. It will be a fantasy comedy, the main character of which is a man who reconnects with previously imaginary friends. He must do everything he can to save them, because without friendship they become evil.

We’ll see about the cast The director himself, John Krasinski, and alongside him will appear Ryan Reynolds (The Adam Project), Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), Fiona Shaw (Eve’s Obsession), Cailee Fleming (The Walking Dead), Louis Gossett Jr. (Watchmen), Alan S. Kim (Minari), Steve Carell (The Office), as well as Matt Damon, Awkwafina and many other film and TV stars. Some of those mentioned will make up the voice cast.

IF was scheduled to premiere, after the original plan was changed, on May 24, 2024.

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