There will be three new episodes of S8.  GDDKiA has signed important contracts

Ultimately, the section of the S8 motorway between Wrocław and Kłodszko will be 87 km long. The route will be an extension of the section of the Wrocław/S8 motorway that ends at Magnice near Kobierzyce. The road will consist of two lanes, with two lanes in both directions and emergency lanes. The task was divided into six sections. In the case of the three parts, contracts for their implementation have just been signed.

The section from Kobierzyce Północ intersection to Kobierzyce Południe intersection will be approximately 7.5 km long. The route will run along a new track on the western side of the existing National Road No. 8. The investment includes the construction of two road interchanges: Kobierzyce Północ (connecting with National Road No. 8 and Wrocław Bypass A8) and Kobierzyce Południe. (connection to regional road No. 346). Passenger service areas will be built in Krolikovec between the intersections on both sides of the road. Strabag Infrastruktura Południe will be responsible for this part. The investment cost is approximately PLN 310 million.

The second section for which a contract has just been signed is the section leading from the Kobierzyce Południe intersection to the Jordanów Śląski intersection (13.8 km). As in the case above, the route will follow a new path on the western side of the existing DK8. The investment will include the construction of the Jordanów Śląski road intersection (connection with the existing DK8 and district roads DP2075D and DP1989D). PORR will be responsible for the implementation of this section in the amount of over PLN 401 million.

The third section, from Jordanów Śląski intersection to Łagiewniki Zachód intersection (about 11.2 km), will be constructed by Budimex. It will cost more than 355 million Polish zlotys. Similar to the sections above, the route will run along a new track, on the western side of the existing DK8. The project includes the construction of two road intersections: Łagiewniki Północ (connection with DK8 and DK39) and Łagiewniki Zachód (connection with regional road No. 384). In the future, the section between the Kobierzyce and Łagiewniki Zachód intersections could be expanded with a third track, using the reserve in the separating track.

As for the remaining sections, the section from Ząbkowice Śląskie to Bardo is currently under tender. GDDKiA announces that it wants to announce a tender for the section between Łagiewniki and Ząbkowice Śląskie this year. In the case of the last section, Bardo-Klodzko, preparatory work is underway. Its impact depends on the results of analyzes of its association with the planned Złoty Stok bypass. After completing the analyses, GDDKiA will indicate the preferred variant and submit a request for a decision on its environmental conditions. The investment is scheduled to be fully completed and the 87-kilometre-long road opened to traffic in 2028-2033.

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