The "crazy" escape of the Russians from the Kharkiv region.  Videos from the border crossing - Wprost

“As a result of the successful counterattack of our forces on the Kharkiv front, Russian troops frantically abandon their positions and flee with their spoils to the still occupied territory (Ukraine) or to the Russian Federation. For example, a convoy of 2 buses, a truck and 19 stolen cars, carrying about 150 soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces, Borshova and Artemovka in the Kharkiv region. ” “It is similar to what happened in the city of Swatovo in the Luhansk region. There, the occupiers hastily left the city, they fled with 4 KAMAZ trucks, 20 Tigre armored vehicles and more than 20 cars stolen from local residents.

On Sunday, Ukrainian soldiers released a video clip showing the Ukrainian flag flying at the border crossing in the Kharkiv region. In another photo, soldiers stand with a flag at Hoptivka, where the Hoptivka-Niechotiejewka crossing between Ukraine and Russia is located.

And on Sunday evening, Ukraine’s UNIAN agency announced that Hoptivka “has come under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces.” It relied on the soldiers of the 130th Regional Defense Battalion. The General Staff of the Ukrainian forces did not confirm this information. “Belgorod, are you sleeping? – Soldiers joked under the film from Hoptiwka.


Ukrainian counterattack. 40 villages liberated

Earlier on Sunday, Oleh Sinihopov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, said the number of liberated towns and villages has exceeded dozens. As of today (Sunday 11 September – ed.), Ukraine has regained control of more than 40 settlements. But Sinihopov said the total could not be disclosed “in the interest of the military operation currently being carried out by our armed forces.”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, released a recording from Chkalovsky in the Kharkiv region on Sunday morning. “The Ukrainian flag has returned to the Chakavsky district of the Kharkiv region. And it will be so everywhere. We will expel the occupiers from all Ukrainian towns and villages. Thank you to all our heroes!” – he wrote.

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