Meghan Markle has accused her Toronto neighbors of making a deal with the paparazzi

Meghan Markle faced media harassment when the press found out about her affair with Prince Harry.

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During the first installment of the Harry & Meghan documentary series, the 41-year-old former actress recalled experiencing a media ‘frenzy’ shortly after her relationship with Prince Harry began in 2016.

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Meghan Markle lived in Toronto during the filming of the TV series “Suits”.

“I felt like all the British media had descended on Toronto,” he said.

“Then my neighbors texted me saying, ‘They’re knocking on everybody’s door, they’re trying to find you.’

She recalls another day when she came home from some errands and found nine or ten photographers waiting for her.

But while Meghan wants to be ‘nice’ with the paparazzi, Harry has warned her that some UK newspapers have suggested she should ‘grab’ the spotlight.

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“Suddenly everything in my life seemed very insular. All the curtains were drawn and the blinds were down. It was scary. My house was surrounded. The men sitting in the car were waiting for me to do something. My face was everywhere, my life was everywhere. Newspapers have taken over everything,” continues the former actress.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Duchess of Sussex described how she received death threats around the same time.

“I told the police, ‘I have six-year-old men sleeping in their cars around my house, following me everywhere I go, and if another woman from Toronto said I’m scared, you wouldn’t say—no. Do you think it’s harassment?’ she recalled.

“They said, ‘Yes, but we can’t do anything about who you date.’ So I have to live like this? Then I got death threats and things changed because I needed protection.”

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