Jason Momoa could star in a Minecraft adaptation.  Negotiations are underway
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April 19, 2022, 13:12

A movie based on Minecraft was announced a few years ago. However, not much is known about the production. Recently, information leaked to the network that Jason Momoa will appear on the shoot.

Maine Craft For years, it has enjoyed unremitting popularity not only in the video game industry, but also in the widely understood pop culture. Its creator is Marcus Persson, who bet on Freedom in the game and a lot of possibilities for builders. It made this title gain popularity as early as 2010, when the game was not yet in its final version.

No wonder Warner Bros. , which is one of the largest film studios, decided to create Quote from a cult video game, which is set to be a live production.

Jason Momoa in Minecraft?

latest news The Hollywood Reporter He confirmed that although a final decision has yet to be made, conversations with the actor about his role are reportedly in the final stages. Jason Momoa is known primarily as Aquaman and Khal Drogo games of thrones. It also recently appeared in Dune Denis Villeneuve.

Jason Momoa could star in a Minecraft adaptation.  Negotiations in progress - Illustration 1

Source: Twitter / THR

at present It is not yet known what role the actor will have In a worship video game show Many speculate that it will be Steve himselfHe is the most important character in a square world Maine Craft.

new manager

Movie Maine Craft Change managers like gloves. Since 2014, this role has changed several times. right Now Jared Hess took the position, known to work on Explosive Napoleon And Self-made without money.

The show was originally supposed to release in 2019, but even today The release date of the film is still a mystery.

In Minecraft you will play Xbox Game Pass

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