“I've Gotta Take a Break” – Luce Dufault

At the end of the 1990s, the then growing Luce Dufault had to put an end to her touring to take care of herself.

“After a while programOne evening, I came to the room and I said to my boyfriend: “You cancel everything, I stop”, said the singer Jean-Philippe Dion, Sunday evening. True natureThere he was invited along with Dominique Paquet and Marthe Lavertier.

“I had to take one to break And go get treatment,” she continued.

At the time, Luce Dufault was touring Starmania (1993), the making of an album, the birth of his daughter and his first solo concert tour.

“If I didn't rest, I wouldn't be worth much at this rate,” he admitted.

Singer Scotch wreaths She also believed that she never had any desire to be known at any cost.

“I'm sure I took advantage of my base in France Starmania, instead of wanting to get pregnant, we could have saved our energy and stayed there and made an album. I have no desire to be recognized somewhere.

Paralyzing shyness

Before being discovered by Luke Plamandon to participate The Legend of Jimmy, Luce Dufault participated in several song contests, which allowed her to record an album. But very uncomfortable and “not ready to defend a personal project”, the singer waited six years before releasing it.

“I really felt like an impostor. I wasn't ready to be a single,” she said.

True nature can take on TVA+.

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