Laura Fabian’s little broken hearts

Last week was untrue to Laura Fabian’s little hearts Star Academy. Audrey-Louis’ unexplained departure angered the audience – the word was weak – to the audience, but it completely humiliated the academics, who cried more than usual behind the bathroom door.

Released at 7:15 p.m.

Like us at home, supporters of director Laura Fabian also wondered: if the best candidate Audrey-Lewis is ousted, what are we seriously doing here? Collective morale plummeted down the majestic steps of Waterloo Manor and amplified Edward Laces’ Imposter Syndrome (more).

For the past 20 years, along with all versions of reality TV, I have consumed it Star Academy Since 2003. I have never seen a situation where a controversial elimination weighs so heavily on the atmosphere and unleashes the public.

In one voice, the students challenged the decision of their teachers. A kind of musical riot was broadcast live TV.

“In my head, Audrey-Lewis won in November,” Edward said on a daily program aired Monday on TVA. Jeremy Blande said it was difficult to accept that Audrey-Lewis did not win the referendum, and was struck by the flash outing of the big fan.

Survivors will not be depressed on such a level when a scary rival goes their way in a reality show. Because the faster the talented ones leave, the less good candidates the chances of winning will increase.

The case of Audrey-Louise Beausjour, 23, from Brossard, exceeded all expectations. From the start of the match, Audrey-Lewis shone in every one of his appearances. She did not miss anything. She inherited great scores and all her peers kept reminding her that she was going straight to success.

Photo VAT

Laura Fabian

That’s what the fans believed. Since Sunday evening, the remote web has been unleashed and it is as serious as a rehearsal with Gregory Charles. Fans call Laura Fabian the leader, who unreasonably supported singer Crystal Mongo because she was part of his group. Voice6 In 2018, Edward Lagos (Alex Nevsky team) and Julian Sarbonno (Laura Fabian team) also participated Voice6 In VAT. It was Edward who advanced by losing in the semifinals.

To popular displeasure, the petition to re-employ Audrey-Louise on Reality TV has been signed 10,000 times in five days. And product team Star Academy Travels full time in “Damage Limit” mode.

On Tuesday evening, Gregory Charles tried to soften the shock wave, reminding his students not to look back, but to look forward. Star Academy Had to go. “You’ll all leave and eventually the two of you will be left, that’s the situation,” Gregory Charles insisted.

This encouraging speech did not change the moody mood of academics. Solution? A trip to the sugar hut, while Mark Dupree drank sponsored Nescafe.

Between two bites of Maple Duffy, Laura Fabian made a video call with migrant artist Audrey-Louise and offered to sing with her at the Place des Arts and Videotron Center. This is the weekend boating event.

Despite all the efforts the product made to quell the anger of the audience, it still murmured on social networks, where Marley Dorian also got dirty. Fans accuse him of inventing his exhausting shot, which allowed Audrey-Lewis to avoid a dangerous danger.

Eloy Cummings’ victory in the popular vote is not a concern here. The injustice experienced by Audrey-Louis is annoying. Of course, the likes of Charlotte Gardiner and Mary-Maui did not win their respective tournaments, and Audrey-Louise will continue his career at Showbiz. The main difference is that Audrey-Lewis was eliminated following a dangerous risk. Not Mary-Maui or Charlotte Cardin who was able to fight to the end. This is where it hurts.

Photo by David Boyle, Law Press Archives

Comedian (and model) is played by Thomas Pueto District 31.


Two former professional models are currently playing District 31 In Radio Canada. Do you recognize them?

Jean-Fran்கois Borier, also known as Biker Martin Moisen in Luke Dion’s soap opera. He especially participated in the second seasonDual industry Before modeling began in 2004. Jean-François Poirier was once the face of perfume Moment By channel.

The second model is well known: Thomas Puetoin, who was the star of the TV series Hubert and Fanny In 2018 District 31Thomas Butoyne plays Jonathan Craig, who was sent to prison as part of the “Mr. Big” operation.

We feel the end is near District 31. Noélie (Catherine St-Laurent) and Patrick (Vincent-Guillaume Otis) have announced their five-week departure. The sight of Patrick and Commander Siason (Gilder Roy) splitting their eyes (professionally) at the idea of ​​parting broke their hearts. I do not want this to end, OK.

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