The Canadian market offers a plethora of noise-cancelling headsets with microphones. In this comprehensive article, we will dive into the details of the top 5 headsets available in Canada, comparing their features, pros and cons, and customer reviews. Let’s explore all the product in detail.

Best Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling in Canada

1. Logitech H111 Wired Headset Stereo Headphone



a. Passive Noise-Cancelling: The Logitech H111 Wired Headset employs passive noise-cancelling to reduce ambient noise by physically blocking it. The over-ear design creates a seal around the ears, helping to minimize external noise for a better listening experience.

b. 3.5 mm Audio Jack: The headset connects to various devices using a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, making it compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices with a 3.5 mm audio port. This wide compatibility ensures the headset can be used in multiple scenarios.

c. Adjustable Headband: The adjustable headband allows users to customize the fit according to their head size and shape. This feature ensures a comfortable and secure fit, making it suitable for extended periods of use.

d. Rotating Microphone Boom: The rotating microphone boom allows for easy positioning of the microphone to ensure clear communication. This feature enables users to move the microphone out of the way when it’s not in use or position it closer to the mouth for optimal audio pickup.

e. Stereo Sound: The Logitech H111 Wired Headset delivers stereo sound, providing a decent audio experience for casual listening, video calls, and other everyday activities.


  • Affordable pricing makes it accessible to various budgets
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for extended use
  • Wide compatibility with various devices thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Decent sound quality for the price


  • Lacks active noise-cancelling technology
  • May not be suitable for gaming or professional use due to lower sound quality compared to higher-end headsets
  • Build quality may not be as durable as more expensive options

Customer Review:

One customer who purchased the Logitech H111 Wired Headset appreciated its affordability and comfort, making it an excellent choice for casual listening and video calls. They found the sound quality to be decent for the price, though they noted that it may not be suitable for gaming or professional use due to the lack of active noise-cancelling and the lower sound quality compared to other headsets. The customer also mentioned that the build quality may not be as durable as more expensive options, but it is still a good value for the price.

2. Jeecoo V20U USB Pro Gaming Headset



a. Active Noise-Cancelling: The Jeecoo V20U USB Pro Gaming Headset features active noise-cancelling technology, which uses built-in microphones to detect ambient noise and produce an opposite sound wave to effectively cancel out unwanted sounds. This feature ensures an immersive gaming experience and clear communication during multiplayer sessions.

b. USB Connectivity: This gaming headset connects to your computer via a USB port, providing a stable connection for high-quality audio. USB connectivity is plug-and-play, making it easy to set up without the need for additional drivers or software.

c. 50mm Drivers: Equipped with large 50mm drivers, the Jeecoo V20U delivers powerful and detailed audio, enhancing your gaming experience with immersive sound effects and a wide soundstage.

d. 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound: The headset offers 7.1 virtual surround sound, which simulates a multi-directional audio environment, enabling you to pinpoint the source of in-game sounds more accurately. This feature is particularly useful for competitive gamers who need precise audio cues.

e. Unidirectional Microphone: The unidirectional microphone captures your voice clearly while minimizing background noise, ensuring that your teammates can hear you without distractions during gaming sessions.

f. RGB Lighting: The Jeecoo V20U features customizable RGB lighting, adding a touch of personalization and flair to your gaming setup.


  • Immersive gaming experience with active noise-cancelling and 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Excellent sound quality with powerful 50mm drivers
  • Comfortable and adjustable design for long gaming sessions
  • Noise-cancelling microphone ensures clear communication with teammates


  • Bulky design may not be suitable for everyone
  • RGB lighting may not be essential for some users, and can be seen as a gimmick
  • Limited compatibility as the headset only works with PCs

Customer Review:

A customer who purchased the Jeecoo V20U USB Pro Gaming Headset praised its comfort and sound quality, which greatly enhanced their gaming experience. They also appreciated the noise-cancelling microphone, enabling clear communication with teammates during intense gaming sessions. However, they noted that the headset’s bulky design might not be suitable for everyone, and the RGB lighting, while visually appealing, may not be an essential feature for some users. Additionally, the limited compatibility with only PCs could be a drawback for those using other devices.

3. Nulaxy USB Headset with Microphone



a. Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) Technology: The Nulaxy USB Headset utilizes ANC to minimize ambient noise, ensuring an immersive listening experience and clear communication. The headset’s built-in microphones detect external noise and produce an opposite sound wave, effectively cancelling out unwanted sounds.

b. USB Connectivity: This headset connects via USB, ensuring a stable connection with your computer. USB connectivity provides high-quality audio and is plug-and-play, allowing for easy setup without the need for additional drivers or software.

c. In-line Control Panel: The in-line control panel offers convenient access to essential functions such as volume control, microphone mute, and ANC activation. This feature allows for quick adjustments without interrupting your workflow or gaming session.

d. Adjustable Headband and Swiveling Ear Cups: The Nulaxy USB Headset features an adjustable headband and swiveling ear cups, ensuring a comfortable fit for users with different head shapes and sizes. These adjustments also help to create a better seal around the ears for improved passive noise-cancelling.


  • Effective active noise-cancelling technology
  • Stable USB connection for high-quality audio
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable headband and swiveling ear cups
  • In-line control panel for easy access to essential functions


  • May not be compatible with devices without a USB port
  • Not wireless, limiting mobility
  • Bulky design may not be ideal for travel or prolonged use

Customer Review:

One customer found the Nulaxy USB Headset to be comfortable and appreciated the active noise-cancelling feature, which significantly improved their listening experience. They also liked the in-line control panel for its convenience. However, they mentioned that the headset’s bulky design made it less suitable for travel or extended periods of use.

4. Sony WH-XB910N Extra BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones



a. Extra BASS Technology: The Sony WH-XB910N is equipped with Extra BASS technology, which enhances low-frequency sounds for a more powerful and immersive listening experience. This feature is especially appealing to users who enjoy music with deep bass.

b. Adaptive Active Noise-Cancelling: These headphones use adaptive ANC to automatically adjust the level of noise cancellation based on your surroundings. This feature ensures optimal noise reduction in various environments, from quiet offices to busy streets.

c. Bluetooth Connectivity: The WH-XB910N connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, providing a hassle-free and cable-free experience. With a range of up to 10 meters, users can enjoy their favorite music or take calls without being tethered to their devices.

d. Long Battery Life: These headphones boast an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours with ANC enabled, ensuring continuous use throughout the day without needing to recharge frequently.


  • Powerful bass performance with Extra BASS technology
  • Adaptive active noise-cancelling for optimal noise reduction
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for freedom of movement
  • Impressive battery life for all-day use


  • Pricier than other options on the list
  • May be too bass-heavy for some users
  • Bulky design may not be suitable for everyone

Customer Review:

A satisfied customer praised the Sony WH-XB910N for its powerful bass performance and adaptive active noise-cancelling technology. They also appreciated the long battery life and wireless connectivity. However, they noted that the headphones might be too bass-heavy for some users, and the bulky design could be uncomfortable for extended periods.

5. EKSA Noise Cancelling Trucker Bluetooth Headset



a. Noise-Cancelling Microphone: The EKSA Trucker Bluetooth Headset features a noise-cancelling microphone, which filters out background noise to ensure clear communication. This feature is especially beneficial for truckers, remote workers, and professionals who frequently make calls in noisy environments.

b. Bluetooth Connectivity: This headset offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for freedom of movement and compatibility with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

c. Comfortable Design: Designed for long hours of use, the EKSA Trucker Bluetooth Headset has a comfortable, adjustable headband and padded ear cups. The lightweight construction ensures minimal strain on the head and ears during extended periods of wear.

d. Long Battery Life: The EKSA Trucker Bluetooth Headset boasts an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours, providing continuous use without frequent recharging. The headset also features a quick-charge function, enabling two hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging.


  • Noise-cancelling microphone for clear communication in noisy environments
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for freedom of movement and versatility
  • Comfortable, lightweight design suitable for long hours of use
  • Impressive battery life with quick-charge function


  • Sound quality may not be on par with higher-end models
  • Lacks active noise-cancelling technology for the ear cups
  • May not be suitable for gaming or music enthusiasts who prioritize audio quality

Customer Review:

A customer who purchased the EKSA Noise Cancelling Trucker Bluetooth Headset was highly satisfied with the noise-cancelling microphone, which allowed for clear communication during calls. They also praised the headset’s comfortable design and long battery life. However, they mentioned that the sound quality might not meet the expectations of audiophiles or gamers who prioritize high-quality audio.

Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling Buying guide

  1. Understanding Noise-Cancelling Technology

There are two types of noise-cancelling technology: passive and active.

Passive noise-cancelling: This refers to the physical design and materials of the headset, which block out external noise. Passive noise-cancelling is usually achieved through over-ear or in-ear designs that create a tight seal around your ears or inside the ear canal.

Active noise-cancelling (ANC): ANC uses microphones to pick up ambient noise and generate an opposing sound wave that effectively cancels out the unwanted noise. This technology is ideal for reducing consistent low-frequency sounds like the hum of an airplane or air conditioner.

  1. Types of Microphones

Headsets generally feature one of two types of microphones: omnidirectional or unidirectional.

Omnidirectional microphones: These microphones pick up sound from all directions, which may include background noise. They are ideal for quiet environments.

Unidirectional microphones: These microphones are designed to focus on the speaker’s voice while minimizing background noise. They are perfect for noisy environments or when clear communication is crucial.

  1. Comfort and Fit

The comfort of your headset is essential, especially if you plan to wear it for extended periods. Consider the following factors:

  • Ear cup design: Choose between over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear designs. Over-ear headsets provide better passive noise-cancelling, while in-ear designs are more portable and discreet.
  • Padding: Look for headsets with soft and breathable padding for maximum comfort.
  • Weight: Lightweight headsets cause less strain during long periods of use.
  • Adjustability: Ensure the headset has an adjustable headband and swiveling ear cups for a perfect fit.
  1. Connectivity Options

Headsets come with various connectivity options, including wired, wireless, and Bluetooth.

Wired headsets: These headsets provide a stable connection and are ideal for gaming or professional use where audio quality is crucial.

Wireless headsets: These headsets use a USB dongle or a wireless base station for connectivity. They offer more freedom of movement but can be prone to interference and have a limited range.

Bluetooth headsets: These headsets are compatible with most smartphones and laptops, offering versatility and convenience. However, they may experience occasional latency issues.

  1. Battery Life (for wireless and Bluetooth headsets)

For wireless and Bluetooth headsets, battery life is an essential factor. Look for headsets with a battery life of at least 15 hours to ensure you don’t need to recharge frequently during your day.

  1. Sound Quality

High-quality sound is crucial for an immersive experience. Look for headsets with a wide frequency response, powerful drivers, and minimal distortion. Some headsets also offer virtual surround sound or 3D audio, enhancing the listening experience further.

  1. Price and Warranty

Lastly, consider your budget and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. High-quality noise-cancelling headsets with microphones can range from $50 to over $300. Ensure you choose a reputable brand that provides a warranty for added peace of mind.

Uses of Noise-Cancelling Headsets with Microphones

  1. Gaming

Gamers require clear and uninterrupted communication with their teammates, and noise-cancelling headsets help achieve that. These headsets block out background noise, ensuring that only the user’s voice is heard, allowing for better strategizing and coordination in multiplayer games.

  1. Professional Office Use

Noise-cancelling headsets are indispensable for professionals working in busy environments or open offices. They help filter out background noise, enabling clear and focused calls with clients and colleagues. They also make video conferencing much more effective.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support representatives often have to deal with multiple calls simultaneously, which can make it challenging to hear and understand customer queries. Noise-cancelling headsets minimize distractions, ensuring that the representatives can listen carefully to customers and provide better service.

  1. Remote Work and Education

With remote work and online learning becoming the norm, noise-cancelling headsets are essential for attending virtual meetings, classes, and webinars. They block out household noises, enabling users to concentrate on their tasks and communicate effectively.

  1. Recording and Broadcasting

Content creators, podcasters, and broadcasters require high-quality audio for their recordings. Noise-cancelling headsets with microphones ensure clear and crisp audio by eliminating background noise, providing a more professional output.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do noise-cancelling headsets work?

Noise-cancelling headsets use a combination of passive and active noise-cancellation technologies. Passive noise cancellation involves physical barriers such as ear cups and padding to block external sounds. Active noise cancellation (ANC) uses microphones to capture ambient noise, and the headset generates inverse sound waves to cancel out the noise. The combination of these technologies provides a significantly improved audio experience.

  1. Are noise-cancelling headsets worth the investment?

Yes, noise-cancelling headsets are worth the investment for those who require clear communication or wish to minimize distractions in noisy environments. They improve audio quality, increase productivity, and enhance the user experience across various applications, including gaming, professional use, and online education.

  1. Do noise-cancelling headsets completely block out all sounds?

While noise-cancelling headsets significantly reduce background noise, they may not entirely block out all sounds. They are most effective at canceling constant, low-frequency noises such as air conditioners, engines, and fans. Sudden or high-frequency sounds, like conversations and alarms, may still be audible.

  1. Can I use noise-cancelling headsets without playing any audio?

Yes, noise-cancelling headsets can be used without playing audio, as the noise-cancellation feature works independently of the audio output. You can simply switch on the noise-cancellation feature to enjoy a quieter environment.

  1. Are noise-canceling headsets harmful to my ears?

No, noise-canceling headsets are not harmful to your ears when used responsibly. In fact, they can help protect your ears by allowing you to listen to audio at lower volumes while still enjoying a clear and crisp sound. However, it is essential to maintain a safe listening volume and take regular breaks to avoid potential hearing damage.


In conclusion, each of the five noise-cancelling headsets with microphones discussed in this article offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. The Logitech H111 Wired Headset is an affordable option for casual users, while the Jeecoo V20U USB Pro Gaming Headset is perfect for gamers seeking an immersive experience. The Nulaxy USB Headset with Microphone offers excellent active noise-cancelling and a comfortable fit, whereas the Sony WH-XB910N Extra BASS Noise Cancelling Headphones cater to those who appreciate powerful bass performance and adaptive noise-cancelling. Finally, the EKSA Noise Cancelling Trucker Bluetooth Headset is designed for professionals, particularly truckers, who require clear communication in noisy environments.

Ultimately, the best headset for you will depend on your specific requirements, budget, and preferences. By carefully considering the detailed features, pros, cons, and customer reviews outlined in this article, you can make an informed decision and choose the perfect noise-cancelling headset with a microphone for your needs.

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