As the country continues to be rocked by the grave scandal found near residential schools in western Canada, two demonstrations are set to take place on Thursday in Montreal and Quebec to pay tribute and seek justice for the children of first countries.

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In Montreal, a rally following a march to cancel Canada Day will begin at 2pm at Jean-Mans Park, where a ceremony is scheduled to take place in the direction of Canada Square before the march. The place where the McDonald statue was overthrown.

A cruise of cars is planned from Kanesadage to Montreal.

“We are organizing this meeting to meet, share our pain and sorrow, and draw strength from the wisdom of our elders,” said Nakuset of Montreal’s Native Women’s Shelter, co-organizer of the event.

“We want Canadians to recognize how much our people have suffered in the past and are still suffering today,” said Jen Jerome, a member of the Migma community in Keskabezia.

“Coming together on July 1 is a way to honor and remember the generations of our people who were destroyed in this stolen land,” said one survivor of the child protection organization that defended itself.

Compliance with health guidelines due to COVID-19 infection is important during the fight, including wearing a mask and physical distance.

In Quebec City, the Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) of First Countries has organized a march and awareness campaign in memory of missing children, boarding school survivors and their descendants. It will be held at 4 pm at the Place Jean-Belivo.

AFNQL President Kislyn Picard, Quebec Mayor, Regis Labyum, Quebec Minister for Indigenous Affairs Ian Lafrenier and representatives of the opposition will address the gathering.

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