It’s time to retire!  “The Expendables 4” is a battle of the hats [RECENZJA]

  • The idea behind The Expendables was to dust off former action stars
  • Over time, it was decided to update the formula
  • Unfortunately, the fourth part of the series is cheap in terms of scenario and acting
  • There’s not much of Stallone here, Uwais and Jaa don’t have a chance to shine and only Statham shines.
  • The film has flashes of creativity, but overall, maybe it’s time to retire

The idea of ​​the nostalgic, ironic series, whose Polish title was inexcusably distorted – about the most perishable old nerds from the era of cassette tape rentals whose use for cinema has long since passed – is a million-dollar idea that seems possible. Exploit it as long as the faithful are still breathing. As long as Stallone, the project’s overall leader, and other decision-makers stuck to this program line, everything held together: the movies made money, and a very large audience enjoyed the kisses.

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