Volleyball Olympic Qualifiers: Poland – Germany.  Live coverage and results

After an unexpected defeat to Thailand, Polish volleyball players find themselves in a difficult situation in terms of qualifying for next year’s Olympic Games. There are only three matches left until the end of the qualifiers in Lodz, and they are against the strongest teams that the Whites and Reds cannot afford to lose to. On Friday evening, Stefano Lavarini’s players will face the Germans. Live coverage and results on Polsatsport.pl.

Nothing predicted disaster in the form of Polish players being defeated by lower ranked Thai players. Our volleyball players performed flawlessly, as evidenced by some victories over Slovenia 3-0, South Korea 3-1, and Colombia 3-0. It seems that the confrontation with Thailand will also be of the “quick, easy and fun” type. The Asians did not score any points, yet they not only managed to advance to the tie-break, but also won it.

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It’s safe to say that Polish women are ashamed, because they need to forget the terrible incident with the Thais as soon as possible and focus on Friday’s opponent. The Germans have the same number of points as the Whites and Reds, but have recorded complete victories, defeating South Korea and Slovenia twice in five sets.

Only the top two teams will qualify for the Olympic Games. The ranking in the table is determined first by the number of wins and then by the number of points, which makes the Polish woman’s situation even more difficult as she can no longer afford to lose.

Coach Lavarini’s players have good memories of the last match against our western neighbours. At the end of August this year, the Polish women won with a score of 3-0 in the European Championship 1/8 finals. The last five confrontations were victories for the Whites and the Reds.

Live coverage and results of the Poland-Germany match from 17:30 on Polsatsport.pl.

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