Ira Ashina after years!  What's wrong with Marusia from "U Lord God Behind the Stove"?

Łachina was born in 1972 in the Moldavian SSR – in today’s Moldova. She comes from an artistic family – her parents, Svetlana Toma and Oleg Lachin, are considered legends of Russian acting. It is not for nothing that since childhood, Ira dreamed of following in their footsteps. In 1993, she graduated from the B. Szukina Theater School in Moscow and soon began her international career.

Before appearing in Poland, she had already played in French and English. She also had an unsuccessful marriage with actor Oleg Budrin, with whom she had a daughter, Maria.

He began work on U Pana Boga za Piecem in 1997. The production manager, Jacek Bromski, decided he had to hire a Russian woman for the role of Marusia. To find a suitable candidate, he decided to organize a selection in Moscow. It was there that he met Ira Shakzina, who defeated more than fifty other actresses in the struggle for participation in the film.

In the cult production, Łaczina played the very sweet, but also feisty Marusia – lovable organist Witek (played by Jan Wieczorkowski). She appeared on screens again in the second installment of the ‘U Pana Boga in the Garden’ film series. For his performance in 1998, he was awarded the “Video Studio Gdańsk” award at the 23rd Polish Film Festival.

After appearing in Jacek Bromski’s films, Achina decided to return to Russia. He works daily at the Taganka Theater in Moscow. He also plays in a series. She gained particular fame for her role in the series “Secrets of Palace Coups”, where she played Empress Anna Romanova.

The actress is very active on social media. She especially loved Instagram and didn’t hide her displeasure when the app was banned in Russia.

This year, the actress turned 50. Look how she looks now!

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