It’s heading toward Earth.  It has the power of 24 atomic bombs – o2

The Daily Mail reported that the chance of Bennu colliding with Earth is five times less than the risk of being struck by lightning. However, such a risk exists. NASA has already estimated when this might happen.

The force of the explosion can be compared to the simultaneous explosion of up to 24 atomic bombs. This in turn means the destruction of the Earth and the end of the world.

Experts say the impact could occur within 159 years. A specific date is indicated – September 24, 2182.

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The asteroid Bennu was discovered in 1999. Since then, scientists have been monitoring it closely. Furthermore, in 2018, a probe was sent to the asteroid to collect samples. He is scheduled to return to Earth soon.

The asteroid Bennu is relatively small, with a diameter of “only” 490 metres. It is worth noting here that the asteroid that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs was about 9 kilometers in diameter.

So why is Bennu dangerous? All because of its distance from Earth.

ABC News reported that the asteroid passes near our planet every six years. His last close encounters with Earth were in 1999, 2005 and 2011. Experts believe that the chance of an asteroid colliding with our planet is not great.

Research on Bennu is being conducted by, among others, Dante Lorete of the University of Arizona. There are believed to be 46 percent. Chance of an asteroid colliding with the sun. The risk of a collision with Venus is estimated at 26 percent, while in the context of Earth it is only 10 percent.

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