Top 10 PC Game Add-ons – Part 2. Half-Life 2, BioShock, Dying Light and the rest

We continue the topic of additions, which we started at the beginning of February. As we did a relatively quick assessment within the editorial office, one out of ten is definitely not enough to list the extensions that deserve a broader description. And then it turns out that even preparing the second involves the need to give up some more interesting vaccinations. I had to shell out a lot of valuable extras, hesitating from one item to the next until the very last minute. The effects of this rigorous selection can be found on the following pages of my list. Afraid to think what would happen if all kinds of DLC from other platforms were included…

Author: Szymon Góraj

Although downloadable content or add-ons (actually, those terms were combined a long time ago) are generally not highly regarded, from time to time there will be a few gems. In order not to look away, it will be possible to pick something up even in 2022. Dead Cells got The Queen and the Sea, in a very ingenious way offering engaging content that greatly expands the gameplay. Lost Judgment fans, in turn, can play The Kaito Files, where they take on a new case in the skin of another detective, and, of course, DLC appeared that shows the events 15 years later in the wonderful village of Resident Evil. Above each of those, for a moment at least, I wondered if a kitchen door shouldn’t make the top ten.

We continue our way through the best add-ons that ever came to PC. Just like last time, I mixed some old titles with great performances from the last decade.

Top 10 PC Game Add-ons - Part 2. Half-Life 2, BioShock, Dying Light and the rest [1]

Top 10 PC Game Add-ons – Part 1. Warcraft III, Half-Life, Baldurs Gate II, Dark Souls and many more

The games that fell from the final list include both episodes of Half-Life 2’s immortal DLC, which are still not very equal. I was also reluctant to bring my beloved city to the end. The Dark Souls 3 expansion not only impresses with one of the best levels ever created in the genre’s history, but it’s also the perfect culmination of the entire trilogy. In the end, however, the addition to the first part was included in the previous ten, so I decided to give the others a chance.

Top 10 PC Game Add-ons - Part 2. Half-Life 2, BioShock, Dying Light and the rest [2]

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Anyway, I’ve collected quite a bit of different stuff, and each one enriches its base version in a slightly different way. So while Yuri’s Revenge usually adds more of the same – why change things that are so close to perfect – there will also be room for the Reaper of Souls, a real lifeline for Diablo III. You’ll also read, for example, about games that simply add an entirely new and engaging story to play (like Burial at Sea or DLC for Borderlands 2). So everyone should find something that works best for them.

Top 10 PC Game Add-ons - Part 2. Half-Life 2, BioShock, Dying Light and the rest [3]

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