“Kos”: Watch the trailer for the film that takes the viewer back to the time of Tadeusz Kosciuszko

“KOS”: What is the movie about?

The spring of 1794 was boiling in Poland. General Tadeusz “Kos” Kosciuszko (Jacek Brasiak) returns to the country and plans to start an uprising against the Russians, mobilizing the Polish nobility and peasants. He is accompanied by his loyal friend and former slave Domingo (Jason Mitchell).

It follows a ruthless Russian cavalry commander, Donin (Robert Vitkevich), who is on Kosciuszko’s trail along with a wanted poster, who wants to capture the general at any cost before he starts a national rebellion.

At the same time, the young peasant Ignac (Bartosz Bielenja), an illegitimate nobleman, dreams of receiving a coat of arms and estate from his illegitimate father, Dučnovski (Andrej Severin), who included him in his will just before his death. . When his father dies, the boy must escape from his half-brother, Stanislaw (Piotr Pasek), who does not want to allow his father’s will to come true.

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