Amazon's Fallout series in new images from the Vault (leak)
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August 17 2022, 22:03

Amazon’s Fallout series might turn out well. At least, that’s what fans of the series are hoping for after seeing purported photos from the set of the movie that show Vault faithfully reconstructed.

Image source above: Shamanomenon on Twitter.

Drops From Amazon, there is still no official release date, but production has already gained traction in the eyes of fans of this version Post-apocalyptic series. all because of leak from next one Pictures from the series’ set, showing the anonymous Vault (No. 32 as shown one of the pictures).

New images from the Fallout series will delight fans of Bethesda games - Illustration #1

Fall 3 comes to mind right away, right?

New images from the Fallout series will delight fans of Bethesda games - Illustration No. 2

What secrets does the new Vault hide?Source: Shamanomenon on Twitter.

The photos were originally posted on a Reddit thread, but fast removed. Of course, “fast” in Internet language means that other users have already saved the images and posted them back on the web. For example, Shamanomenon of Twitter.

However, it also means that We have no proof of the source of the photos and therefore their authenticity. Even if in this case it is difficult to doubt the authenticity of the photos, as always, we recommend that you carefully treat any leaks.

New images from the Fallout series will delight fans of Bethesda games - Illustration No. 3

Source: Shamanomenon on Twitter.

Pictures from the plan Drops It sparked a lot of emotions among fanseven those who – as they write v Social media – He didn’t have high hopes for the Amazon series (maybe after the problems fallout 76 And a lot Not right successful game shows). It’s no surprise that scenes look like they were taken live fallout 3.

In fact, some netizens decided that this is what the next person should look like Edition of the series. Unfortunately, in this We’ll be waiting for a long time. maybe earlier Drops You’ll be switching over to Amazon Prime Video, though We are still waiting for official information regarding the premiere of the series.

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