March 20, 2023


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Toggle markdown only in Europe.  Nintendo has released a message for the US market

Toggle markdown only in Europe. Nintendo has released a message for the US market

So far, we’ve written about lowering prices for the Standard Edition Switch console only in the context of the European market. Quite a few people ask the question: What about the rest of the world? Nintendo decided to clarify this problem.

While the Switch’s price cut isn’t great, it does Good news after all. However, Nintendo’s announcement applies Only European markets. The company just announced it It will not lower the price of the console in the United States. This may also apply to other markets outside Europe.

“The price change applies only to the European region. There are no plans to change the suggested retail price for any model of the Nintendo Switch in the US,” says Nintendo’s announcement, relayed in a Twitter post by Stephen Totilo, a journalist with Axios.

The above information was released by Nintendo in response to an Axios press question if the company plans to lower the Switch’s price as well in the US. It turns out that Nintendo has nothing to do with it and the people of the United States will continue to pay $299.99 As on the console release date. This is a disappointment for people who relied on price cuts before the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED, which It will hit the market on October 8th.

The Switch sells like hot cakes in the US all the time. NPD Group reported that in August 2021, Nintendo consoles once again sold better than other consoles. In the United States, the key also remains The best selling console of all of 2021.

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