Italy: More than 1,300 health workers were infected with the Corona virus within a month

According to the institute, 144,000 have been infected in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic. health professionals.

Data released by the Ministry of Health on Monday indicates 44 more deaths from COVID-19 and about 1,600 new infections, detected in 219,000 cases. the exams. Currently, tests are being carried out on a large scale due to the entry into force of the requirements to pass Covid-19 in all workplaces in Italy.

The total number of infected deaths in Italy is 131,585.

An estimated 76,000 people are now affected by the coronavirus and their numbers are declining. The average age of patients is 39 years.

After two doses of the vaccine, 81 percent of the country’s population is represented. The government’s Commissioner for Epidemiological Emergencies, General Francesco Figliolo, said restrictions, such as the requirement to obtain a health permit, could be relaxed when 90% of those vaccinated have been vaccinated. citizens.

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