New equipment for testing the electrical activity of muscles and nerves has been delivered to the neurological ward of the hospital in Zubsk

The electromyogram is another device that the hospital in Suopsk purchased thanks to a grant from the Marshall of the Pomeranian District. Such a device found its way into the laboratory of electro-imaging and evoked potentials of the Department of Neurology and Stroke of the Soopsk Hospital.

– This equipment will significantly improve the work in the Department of Neurology and Stroke and will increase the quality of our patients’ examinations. We are glad that he has already reached our hospital – says Andrzej Sapiński, head of the hospital in Słupsk.

Electromyography, i.e. an EMG device for checking the electrical activity of muscles and nerves, is another equipment purchased by Sobesk Hospital thanks to a grant received from the Pomeranian District Marshals. This is the second device of its kind that will be put into operation in the Department of Neurology and Stroke of the District Specialist Hospital in Zubsk and will improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

– The new EMG camera with its accessories costs approximately 185 thousand. zloty. The purchase was funded from a total of $6.6 million. The PLN support that the hospital received from the Pomeranian Provincial Budget provided by the Marshall Voivodeship Pomeranian – explains Anita Barna Vizak, Vice President of the Voivodeship Specialty Hospital. Janusza Korczaka Sp. z s. s. in Słupsk

As part of this support, the hospital in Supsk has already received, among other things, gynecological ultrasound and CTG devices, ultra-sensitive ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema, or the O-ARM arm with neuronavigation, which is currently installed on the side the operation. The latter device is the most valuable purchase funded by Marshall Support, and is necessary to carry out highly specialized operations.


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