"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Krzysztof came to BED Kasia: "There was no moment of reflection"

“The farmer is looking for a wife” It is one of the most popular programs broadcast on Telewizja Polska. Currently, viewers are following the fate of the heroes of the eighth episode, and with each episode the tension increases and more happens.

fans “farms” Krzysztof’s behavior towards Kasia was surprising. During the last episode, the man received a special invitation from one of the participants. When the participant came to wake the woman, she asked him to give her a hug.

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WStop! Good morning, today begins, six in the morning, what is lying down? This is a village Krzysztof announced after entering the girl’s room.

Hug me, don’t “get up!” Kasia replied.


Participant in the program in front of the cameras “The farmer is looking for a wife” He admitted that he did not even think for a moment whether or not to cuddle Kasia in bed.

There wasn’t a moment of thought, but I crashed under the covers. Kasia is so cool – He said.

Kasia herself was a little surprised that Krzysztof decided to take such a step. She did, however, reveal that it was a very pleasant surprise, but she wondered what viewers might think.


Some people entered with pride. I said instead of waking me up and screaming, he should come and hug me. And I didn’t expect it because he came and did it. I have this hate in the back of my head. “The man she invited.” But it was just funny – I confessed.

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