Could stars have alien parasites?  UFOs drain their energy

Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics and Yale University proposed a unique theory in their latest scientific article. Good Some stars may have their own parasites.

Researchers believe it can be found in some stars similar to our sun Small black holesWhich developed at the dawn of history. It is supposed to be at its core and is supposed to consume its energy for millions of years.

“We’ve found that such things can be surprisingly long-lived The lightest black holes have no effect on the evolution of stars, while larger stars consume the star over time, causing a number of noticeable consequences. The unique internal structures of stars that harbor black holes may make this possible asterosejsmologii Their discovery, if it exists,” the scientists write in their article.

Researchers point out that the universe is full of black holes of different sizes and masses. There are stellar-mass black holes in space that may have been created by the collapse of the core of a massive star. At the cores of galaxies there are also supermassive black holes with masses of millions or billions of the Sun.

but So far, no small black holes with a mass similar to the mass of planets have been foundOr moons or asteroids.

As Stephen Hawking pointed out, already in the first second after that the great explosion Small black holes can form. During this period, when the material was still hot, “blobs of extra dense material” could collapse and form the aforementioned objects. However, until now it was a mystery where these “primordial black holes” went. Researchers believe that their presence could explain the existence of “extra gravity” in the universe, which is now attributed to it Dark matter.

Some scholars believe so Small black holes can exist in neutron stars. However, astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics and Yale University wanted to find out if there is a chance that these unique objects exist in stars similar to our Sun. Hawking had already suggested this Our star may contain a small black hole.

During the research, specialists analyzed a model in which a star with a mass of 0.8 to 100 solar masses forms around a small black hole. They then created numerical evolutionary simulations of stars that contain small black holes in their cores.

It was discovered The smallest black holes in the hearts of stars will have difficulty growing It would take billions of years to completely consume its host – and the model suggests it could exist.

Black holes with the mass of a dwarf planet would be much more sinister. Their interaction would engulf the core of a sun-like star, and the resulting material would orbit around them in the shape of a disk. Nuclear fusion will end in a billion years, and the black hole will produce all the starlight. Scientists have given this hypothetical state a name Hawking star.

According to scientists, Hawking’s star will behave similarly to a regular star. However, its outer layers will inflate to form a red giant and the temperature will be lower than expected for a star of this size. It is worth noting here that so far And in the Milky Way, astronomers have already discovered abnormal cold giants.

Moreover, models indicate this accumulation black holesNuclear fusion may produce different acoustic patterns inside stars, which in turn may be reflected in small changes in the surface brightness of these stars.

The results of the research were published in a scientific journal Astrophysical Journal.

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