Italians are worried about Pope Francis.  They remember the illness of John Paul II

Pope Francis suffers from health problems. He had breathing problems for a year and was then diagnosed with pneumonia. In turn, in November 2023, he developed bronchitis, and only a few weeks later he had influenza.

His counselor reads the sermons of the 87-year-old church president. but On Palm Sunday, the sermon prepared by the Pope was deleted. “Bergoglio seemed a little out of breath from the beginning. He listened enthusiastically to the Mass of the Passion of the Lord. After that he remained silent for a long time, stood with his head bowed, and waited for everyone, but he did not deliver the host.” Sermon,” wrote the Corriere della Sera newspaper. Journalists asked the Vatican for an explanation, but were told that the decision to resign from the sermon would not be made public.

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Comparisons with John Paul II

The memoir recalls events that occurred nearly 20 years ago, when John Paul II was pope. On Palm Sunday, March 20, 2005, for the first time in the history of his pontificate, he did not preside over the Divine Liturgy in St. Peter’s Square. run out. The Mass was celebrated by Italian Archbishop Cardinal Camillo Ruini, who also delivered a sermon. The reason is the deteriorating health of the Pope. The faithful could only see John Paul II from the window of the Apostolic Palace, and without saying a word, he blessed them with an olive branch. Just two weeks later, on April 2, John Paul II died.

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