Stellar Blade will receive a demo!  We know the official release date

Stellar Blade will receive a demo soon. This time it's official! We know the release date.

Stellar Blade is one of the most anticipated exclusive games for the PlayStation 5. The Japanese company released a demo a while ago, but it was quickly removed from the PlayStation Store due to a bug. This time there is no mistake. Sony has confirmed when we will be able to experience the title and play as Eve.

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Sony has just released information about the release of the Stellar Blade demo. Players will be able to check out the production on March 29! This is great news because Everyone who is interested in the title will be able to try it for free.

Stellar Blade is very popular, influenced by the developers' statements about the game, dynamic gameplay and attractive main character that has gained great popularity among players. As Sony indicated, the progress we made in the beta will be carried over to the full release.

However, if you want to know the details of the game before Friday, It's Wednesday (at 14.00) There will be a playtest with Stellar Blade on our website, to which we cordially invite you.

The full version of Stellar Blade will be released on April 26 on PlayStation 5. The game will be available with Polish subtitles.

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