Blockade of the bridge linking Canada and the United States.  There is a dispute between the police and the trapped

The bridge was closed for the fifth day in a row. His career was part of the “Freedom Caravan” movement, which was initially a protest by truck drivers against the obligation to immunize against COVID-19 among this professional group, but has evolved into a broader protest movement against sanitation restrictions and the policies of the Justin Trudeau government. Demonstrations and blockades have continued in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, for more than two weeks, and protesters have blocked other border crossings from the United States.

“We call on all protesters to act in a peaceful and lawful manner,” police resumed as they proceeded to open the bridge 12 hours after the court order that authorized it went into effect. The court’s decision came as a result of a complaint by the local government in Windsor and the Automobile Manufacturers Association that the blockade of the bridge was crippling the operations of the plant.

The police managed to drive away a large group of protesting bystanders, but new protesters are coming in their place. There is a decisiveness, and the bridge is still impassable – according to Reuters.

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