It was he who argued with Barja about cleanliness in the store.  "I will go to Bydgoszcz ..."
  • Jerzy Dosinski married Hanka Bilica in 1940. Their marriage was not the happiest and she described it as “comfortable”.
  • The outbreak of World War II destroyed his first chance to debut in the movie. In the summer of 1939, the filming of “Hania”, which was never finished, began
  • The audience of Polish cinemas did not recognize Duszyński until 1947, but he immediately won the hearts of the audience. Especially women adored him and petted him in the street
  • He died in July 1978 of lung cancer. He was 61 years old
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He was born in Moscow on May 15, 1917, but spent his childhood and youth in Poland, first on a small farm in Mińsk Mazowiecki, and then in Warsaw. He wanted to become a painter, so he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts for a year, but in 1936 he changed his plans and passed the theater school exam.

He had everything to become a fan of Hollywood stars: he was tall, handsome and very talented. During his studies he met Danuta Zavlarska, with whom he often starred in films (which is why they were considered a couple in private life) and Hanka Bilica. It was the legendary cabaret artist who later became his wife.

As Bellica recalls years later, at first they were just friends. Moreover, Duszyński confided in her his life’s ordeals and dilemmas of the heart. In the end, Bellica, who was two years older than her, fell in love with him. She did not talk about her feelings because Duszyński was attached to someone while he was studying. In the end, he himself began to repeat that if he ever married, it would be “only with Hanka”.

Jerzy Duszyński – National Digital Archives

A few days before the outbreak of World War II, Duszyński, in the company Danuta ZavlarskaAnd Hanka Bilica and Irina Brzynicka went to Vilnius, where they all got a job at Teatr na Pohulance. The war wiped out Duszyński’s first chance for a brilliant career A few weeks earlier, he had started shooting Hania, which never ended. Deciding to stay in Vilnius, his choice decided the same.

They married at the beginning of July 1940. It was not a dream ceremony, but a typical military wedding, fast and modest. trapped in an apartment Hanky ​​OrdononiWho together with her husband decided to support young actors. There was no fancy dinner – snacks in the form of eggs, vegetables and sausages were brought by the guests. Years later, Hanka Bellica said they got married because they needed warmth and a sense of security in the face of a war that had robbed everything else.

Jerzy Duszyński on the stage of the Serena TheaterJerzy Duszyński at the Serena Theater – National Digital Archive

In June 1941, the German army was captured VilniusThe theater where they performed was closed. Duszyński and his wife began working in a coffee shop in Vilnius. Served at the tables, she entertained guests by playing the piano and singing. After the war ended, they decided to leave for Poland. First, they settled in Bialystok, and then in Warsaw. Here Duszyński was offered to play the main role in one of the most famous Polish films.

In “Zkazan Songs”, released in Polish cinemas in 1947, Duszyński appeared alongside Danuta Szaflarska, Alina Janowska, Witold Sadowy and Edward Dziewoński. Music by Roman Tokarsky. Bellica, who at the time was mainly enjoying being Mrs. Duszyńska, played a supporting role in the film.

Still from the movie "forbidden songs".  Jerzy Duszyński plays the harmonicaFrom the movie “Forbidden Songs”. Jerzy Duszyński playing the harmonica – PAP

The tall and handsome 30-year-old actress instantly won fame, critical acclaim and the adoration of the female part of the audience. “Immediately after the war, the fans were crazy about him. He could not walk calmly on the street. His first film“ Forbidden Songs ” broke records of success” – the actor said in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza Sadoy is born.

His career seemed to be developing in a promising direction. Two years later, the movie “Skarb” was created and cinemas reappeared. Duszyński attracted attention again, appearing on the screen next to him Adolf Demsa. At that time, he also performed in the Warsaw Woods theaters.

However, success on the silver screen was surprisingly short-lived. After these two films, the directors stopped assigning him the main roles. Instead, Duszyński received offers to play supporting or episodic characters. “Jurek was unhappy, because at first they made him a movie star, then they wanted him to play truck drivers, and then they pushed him away at all, which caused a malfunction” – Hanka Bellica said years later in an interview with “Angora” Weekly.

Hanka Bilica and Jerzy Dosinski in the 1950sHanka Bjelica and Jerzy Dosinski in the 1950s – Witold Rozmysłowicz / PAP

His marriage was bad, too. Bellica stops playing the lady of the house. Whenever she could, she threw herself to work in Warsaw theaters and rarely saw her husband. I went to bed early, while he loved the capital’s nightlife. In addition, he used his popularity among women and cheated on his wife. She turned a blind eye: “Children don’t give him peace, you accept it.” She said. In later years, she remembered that sex was not very important to her in life.

Duszyński fell in love with actress Irena Malkiewicz and was willing to divorce her, but Bielicka objected. She refused his divorce for anything, but finally admitted that their marriage was “comfortable”. They stayed in it not out of love but out of habit. They finally broke up in 1953, but by that time the relationship with Irina Malkiewicz was over, because she decided … to return to her husband, actor Jerzy Pechelsky. Since then, Duszyński has not engaged in serious relationships.

Duszyński maintained friendly relations with his ex-wife, because they lived close to each other and his mother still adored him. They also met frequently on the stage of Serena, incl. In the performances of “Diabli nadali”, “Madame Sans-Gêne” or “Maestro”.

Just a decade after his divorce, Duszyński met a woman worthy of settling down his path. He married Helena Urbaniak, a 25-year-old waitress from SPATiF, in 1963, when he was over 45. Two years later, their son Marcin was born, who completely changed the life of the actor. “The son renewed his state of mind. Jersey was unconsciously in love with him.” Hanka Bellica said years later.

Jerzy Duszyński and Hanna Skarżanka on stage at the AteneumJerzy Duszyński and Hanna Skarżanka on stage at the Ateneum Theater – National Digital Archives

His film career did not return to the tracks immediately after the war. He still plays the roles of journalists, professors, military personnel (“How World War II Unleashed”), and drivers. He performed best in the Warsaw theaters: Syrena, Ateneum, Narodowy and Rozmaitości. He performed at the latter until his death.

He was said to be a good theater spirit. He was kind, affectionate and likable, he eased all conflicts and tensions. He was polite, gentle, sensitive, with a good sense of humor – he brought with him a good mood and a nice atmosphere. He liked to tell jokes like a sleeve. He joked but didn’t insult anyone Never. He did everything elegantly.” Witold Sadowy is mentioned in “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

In 1977 he played Joseph Pisudsky in the film “Death of the President” directed by Jerzy Koalerovich, with whom he had worked many years earlier on “Forbidden Songs”. His last role in the movie was a small episode in the 1978 comedy by Stanisław Parija “What Will You Do When You Catch Me” Janusz Gagos. “I will go to Bydgoszcz, but I will not buy here!” He screamed in one of the iconic scenes of the movie.

He managed to play in the series “Doctor Mork” before his deteriorating health took a toll. Doctors diagnosed him with advanced lung cancer. The actor spent the last weeks of his life in the hospital with his immediate family and… Hanka Bilica by his side. The actor died on July 23, 1978. He was 61 years old.

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