March 27, 2023


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Fuel consumption, back seat space, luggage compartment - - Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

Fuel consumption, back seat space, luggage compartment – – Dziennik Motoryzacyjny

The Dacia Jogger with a three-cylinder 110-horsepower gasoline engine was tested by the French editorial office. Before we offer a longer driving report, today we have some ideas for you about the Seven. Our version is a fully stocked SL Extreme, plus, we have a Thule bike rack for three bikes on the roof.

Let’s start with the rear seats: The sixth and seventh rear seats can be reached by tilting the backrest in the middle row. Retreating may not be the most comfortable method, and elderly people with reduced mobility will surely have a problem, but there will be no problems for an adult or a child. In the back there are two comfortable seats that even a person with a height of 190 cm can sit comfortably. There may not be much room for your feet, but you can sit freely and the main drawback is the way you get out – you have to wait for someone in a row to come out in front of you.

Two adults will easily climb to sixth and seventh and the kids will have almost heaven here. Most importantly, there are comfortable wide armrests on the sides, and under one of them there is a shelf for a phone or tablet. There is also a 12V socket and a lamp in the back. If there was only one person in that many, it would be even better – almost mine.

In addition to getting off from behind, the downside is the need to speak louder to the driver while driving fast, because the Jogger isn’t one of the quietest cars in the world. But the important thing is that you sit comfortably, there is plenty of room for your arms, and a longer trip will not be tiring. Most importantly, although there is no direct air supply in the rear, the air conditioning with air conditioner gets here without any problems and cools even such a large area, but at high temperatures, this can be a challenge – to ensure proper cooling circulation.

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The seven-seater version also has a small luggage compartment. Small, but enough even in a lot of shopping. The photo shows three standard sized stuffed bags, a few small things under them and everything fits snugly. You can do turns, and if necessary, the rear seats can be easily and easily folded – even the weaker sex can handle them. In terms of packing, the Jogger is second to none.

The tailgate rises slightly and high, and for lovers of outdoor picnics can also be a rain canopy. However, there is a downside here – the rubber plugs of the tailgate, located on the lower edge, are made of very thin rubber (or plastic?), They sit loosely, it happened to me that one of them fell out for no reason, when closing the tailgate faster.

The tables in the armchairs turned out to be a pretty cool patent. You can put something to drink, eat on it, put a cell phone or tablet – despite its small size, it is stiff and sticks well. Convenient solution (you can buy it only in the Extra Comfort Premium package – details at the end of the text).

And finally, fuel consumption: with a loaded car (6 people + 2 big bikes on the roof), the fuel consumption on the highway was 10.5 liters per 100 km (at a speed of 140 km / h with overtaking and braking in very heavy traffic ), while on the roads Suburban, Jogger 1.3 TCE 110 KM fuel consumption was 6.1 liters per 100. We still have to realize city driving.

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I can write so much about the dynamics of the engine today that it likes to operate in the 2500-4000 rev range and then seems to be the most lively and likes to rev, even with almost certain passenger load on deck. However, the turbo gives a lot here, which makes it possible to drive such a heavy car competently. Of course, there is not much power and I do not want to say that it is dynamic – because it is not. But the car behaves predictably. What might be annoying, save for 110 hp, is a low engine sound that penetrates inside the cabin, and while it may not be tiring, it is really there all the time. If I were to buy a Jogger for myself, I would consider additional sound insulation.

Finally, some additional impressions from the driving itself: the car is easy and trouble-free to drive, eagerly turning into corners, listening to the steering wheel. Empty acceleration is good, with the full load mentioned above it is at least predictable, it just gives you overtaking. The length of the car does not interfere with maneuverability, but it is quite a compact car. On the downside, I would mainly point out the mute. I find the suspension very comfortable, and more pleasant, for example, on the Skoda Octavia, there is no excessive stiffness here. There is also no swing in the holes, adjusting towards comfort but without overdoing it. Body movements can be controlled, of course in normal driving, even with the most severe maneuvers.

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All in all, a fairly successful car that is a marked improvement over the Dacia Lodgy. It has its downsides, but it’s really hard to complain about for the money. The SL Extreme version has everything you need on board, from keyless entry to automatic air conditioning and navigation. Our version had to add, among other things, seat heaters, which work brilliantly and quickly and provide two levels of warmth. The engine warms up quickly (which is useful now on cold mornings).

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