Unusual promotion of the horror movie "Smile".  Strange smiles during the wonderful classic

The unusual event occurred during match New York Mets – Oakland Athletics (4:10). In one of the stands, in the middle of a village the frame The camera was seated by a woman wearing a T-shirt with “smile” written on it.

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It would not be particularly surprising, if not for the fact that the woman was constantly staring at a single point, located in the center of the camera frame. She stared and smiled strangely.

As it turned out, the existence and behavior of the woman was no accident. for having a day match by Paramount Pictures, producer of the horror film “Smile” (Poland Language version “Smile” – editor). To understand women’s behavior and the idea of ​​marketers, just take a look at the trailer.

Unusual marketing action in an MLB match

The film will be released in US cinemas on September 30, and the mode from the Mets-Athletics game was a showcase for marketing creativity. In any case, it was not the only meeting at which the film was promoted. A similar event occurred in St. Louis Cardinals – Los Angeles Dodgers (2:6). There, a man in a matching shirt promoted a similar horror movie.

The marketers also sent their representative to the great classic MLB match, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox match. “In all matches, there was at least one person who was in a visible place, who was smiling horribly the whole time” – describing the action taken by the industry portal Tmz.com.

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It is not known if the actors have appeared in other matches. It is also not known whether the procedure will be repeated in the near future. However, the marketers’ idea certainly worked as expected, because it was so unusual fans Journalists and fans in social media have written about the MLB matches.

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