"Stranger Things", "Peaky Blinders" and "Obi-Wan Kenobi": the most important series related to the attack

Vacations are just around the corner, and summer relaxation can be seen, for example, in the cinematic repertoire. We’ll wait for the movie’s critical attack until fall, while a lot is happening on the small screen. So we looked at the titles that caught the attention of series fans in recent days and weeks. The final clean-up was ordered by a barber gang from Small Heath in Birmingham, the obsessed young Hawkins once again turned to the other side, and the legendary Jedi Master told his fans after years of absence. We review last season of “Peaky Blinders”, the first part of the fourth series of “Stranger Things” and for the first time “Obi-Wan Kenobi”.

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The holiday season and summer itself are not conducive to frequent cinema visits. After all, if the extremely unstable weather in our conditions allows, we usually prefer to enjoy outdoor pleasures (including outdoor seating). The cinema halls are not completely empty but attendance is slowing down noticeably. We still have such strikes “Elvis” Buzz Luhrman or the new “ox” from Taika Waititi, but there is no doubt that producers and distributors will focus on smaller audiences in the near future (there will be new “minions” Or the animal version of the superheroes in “DC Liga Super-Pets”).

Summer idle in cinemas is carefully used by the creators of the series. The tendency to follow your favorite titles on a small screen only when there’s a gray fall or a severe winter frost outside the window may not be relevant anymore. Series accompanies us no matter the season. Even the period when we’re away from TVs or computers often doesn’t stop the streaming giants from launching new products. This has not decreased in the past days and weeks. We looked at the products that were most anticipated this year and that are currently breaking the popularity record.

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Stranger Things 4: A comeback worth the wait

The Poles have the Sandomierz chain, which is the epicenter of local crime, the Americans – Hawkins – a city clinging to the greatest evil, and not just this world. Here, a caged detective rides a bicycle, and above the ocean are young “nerds” who are fascinated with pinball players, dungeons and dragons and science, which often save their skin – apart from happiness – on two wheels. After the first two weaker thrills and the very good third, the fourth season of “Stranger Things” never disappoints. Moreover, it is the most mature and darkest part of the entire series.

When the Duffer Brothers seemed to have completely emptied their inspiration and ideas from ’80s cinema, the creators of “ST” proved through new episodes that they can still perfectly combine Kino Nowej Przygody’s horror films and “ejtisowe”, having a great time at the same time. . Viewers have fun, too, because in the new season we will find everything you could fall in love with from the first time you watched Stranger Things. However, heroes inevitably get older, so it’s no wonder it’s getting more and more dangerous, darker and more dangerous. For the benefit of the series, which opens new plots, characters and places.

Sometimes the creators run out, chasing all the action this time going beyond Hawkins, sometimes the plot gets too predictable, and some of the characters are faint in this episode. These are just minor flaws that we will not notice at first, because there is simply no time for them. Seven episodes run at a fast pace (although very long episodes), and in the end it’s still Kate Bush Run Up That Hill in my head wanting more. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long. On July 1, more episodes of the fourth season will be released. If they’re at least as good as the Seven so far, this could be their best season yet.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Peaky Blinders 6: Tommy Shelby Superstar

Stephen Knight’s epic series about working-class gangsters from Birmingham has officially ended. Small Heath razors, which began with the trade in alcohol and illegal betting, climbed the criminal hierarchy, and with it the creators of British production also rose to higher and higher levels. “Peaky Blinders” is a rare example of a small TV series that doesn’t consistently fall below the high bar. The creators added more and more politics to gang settlements and tavern battles, gradually expanding the historical and social context of the entire story. So far it has worked fine.

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Unfortunately, in the sixth and final season, all these proportions were greatly disturbed, and the large number of leads could not weave a satisfactory ending. Fascists, the “boss of all bosses” from America, ghosts of the past, gypsy magic and family friction – some of this was too much, and each plot was treated very superficially. And while it might seem like a fad from the perspective of the entire series, it unfortunately was boring for a long moment. It is a pity that the final scenario is the weakest.

However, in terms of production, “Peaky Blinders 6” is still topping the television production. With great visuals, great music (maybe the best yet) and a great role Killian MurphyWho finished the series single-handedly (one theater actor only). An excellent sixth episode, especially with the final scene with the excellent cover of Bob Dylan’s “All The Tired Horses” by Lisa O’Neill inflating the final impression, but such a great series deserves a much better ending. It’s still one of the best TV productions ever, but only Season 6 will be “finished”.

Rating: 6/10

Obi-Wan Kenobi: General, we need more energy here!

When something ends in one place, the thing begins in another. The Disney platform is making its debut on the Polish market, and attracting subscribers is the flagship production of the legendary Jedi Master. However, it seems that the specialists from the Mickey Mouse studio should do more, because “Obi-Wan Kenobi”, although based on feelings for “Star Wars”, does not offer much quality yet. And it is difficult to find such a scenario when the text is a loose set of clumsy ideas, individual oscillations and special effects seem underdeveloped, and the sluggish pace quickly subsides the initial enthusiasm.

In this highly rusty mechanism, starting only with episode four, lone gears finally start jumping to the right places, but episode one and many nightmarish scenes are hard to erase from memory, like a parody of little Leah from the “Benny Hill” kidnappers theme. Coincidence Vivian Lyra Blair (ie Young Princess Leia) is one of the brightest points series. Ewan McGregor in the title role of the elusive Obi-Wan is a few light years away from the slow cast entirely.

In the Kenobi series and in the last two episodes, you can still look for a new hope for the production of the Disney series. However, this seems to be the case in the post-Lucas era “The Force Awakens” And the “Rogue 1” They will remain the only completely successful projects set in the “Star Wars” universe. The general, so adored by viewers, does his best, but what if he has to comply with inconsistent orders from the headquarters of Disney. Undoubtedly, this production requires more power.

Rating: 5/10 (Based on 5 of 6 episodes, the final episode of the season premiered on Wednesday, June 22nd)

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