It makes your hair stand on end.  They demonstrated the intervention of the Russian emergency service

However, “strange” things do not only happen in war. In its propaganda, the Moscow regime mocks freedom and claims that Russia has the best democracy.

It makes our hair stand on end when we see how it is treated Ordinary Russian citizens. There is a chance of this, as someone recorded the “interference” of Russian doctors in Volgograd.

The rest of the article is below the video

There are suggestions in the comments that the man sleeping on the bench is drunk. But even that is no excuse for the way he was treated.

The video shows three rescuers – two men and a woman – treating a man lying on a bench. One of them kicks the liar. A man falls from a bench onto a blanket or bag spread out on the sidewalk.

The second man “corrects” the lying man by kicking him as well. Then he tries to wake the lying person with his foot. A moment later, he was seen picking up the lying man and pulling him as he sat leaning back on the bench.

There is a third person watching everything, a lifeguard with her hands hidden in her pockets. No matter who the person is lying – maybe it's us drunk or the guy sleeping on the bench – this is not how paramedics should act. Even in Russia.

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