USA: The bride dies five hours after the wedding.  The accident resulted in a drunken 25-year-old

The accident cut short the life of Samantha, who had been married a few hours earlier

They thought they had started a new life together. Their happiness lasted only a few hours, because when Samantha and Eric were returning from the wedding, a speeding car driven by 25-year-old Jimmy Lee Komorosky crashed into their car. The wife died instantly, and her partner is in critical condition in the hospital.

Samantha and Eric held their wedding ceremony on Friday. The most important day of their lives is when they end up riding in a specially prepared carriage that looks like a golf cart, complete with noise-making cans and the inscription “Newlyweds”.

The bride and groom and two other people were driving on a road in Folly Bay, South Carolina, where the speed limit is 25 mph (40 km/h). at some point Their car collided with a speeding car. Sitting behind the wheel is 25-year-old Jimmy Lee Komorosky He was driving at least 65 km/h too fast. The woman was drunk at that time.

Fatal accident a few hours after the wedding. The woman and the widow died in grave condition

The newlyweds’ car overturned several times It stopped 100 meters from the accident site. Three people were wounded, including a newly married husband. And 34-year-old Samantha died at the scene, despite resuscitation performed by rescuers who were called. The incident happened five hours after the lovers said “I do” to each other. Show you in the most serious condition among the injured.

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As his mother described online, He has several bone fractures, a brain contusionHe also underwent the first of several surgeries. He is in critical condition. “Arik lost the love of his life. I received his wedding ring in a plastic bag at the hospital five hours after Samantha put it on his finger and they swore to each other,” she added.

Almost 400,000 dollars on the collection counter. The amount will go to Ari’s treatment

My mother ran a fundraiser for Eric’s medical expenses and for Samantha’s burial. She wanted to raise $100,000, but the counter didn’t stop there. On Tuesday, he showed nearly four times the total. CNN confirmed the fact of the group.

Jimmy Lee Komorosky is charged with manslaughterAnd furthermore, causing an accident after getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. The media was unable to contact the woman’s lawyer.


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