Istanbul.  The girl fell from the ninth floor, taping the movie on TikTok |  world News

The 23-year-old climbed onto the plastic panels, and she immediately collapsed – the girl fell from the ninth floor. Nowadays incident Recorded in the video recorded on the cell phone of a great cousin.

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Turkey: A migrant rescued a child who fell from a window

Turkey. The 23-year-old died in a tragic accident. She wanted to take pictures in front of Istanbul

to tragic incident It happened on Friday around 19:30. Cobra climbed to the roof with her cousin Helen to take photos and videos at sunset. tik toka With Istanbul in the background. Helen, who recorded the whole incident by phone, documented how her cousin stands in front of the camera and stands near the edge of the ceiling – she writes

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Moments later in the video, you can see Kubra descending to the bottom of the building and Helen turning the camera toward her face. The camera then pans backwards toward Kubra and captures the moment the girl steps on the gray plastic panels that are destroyed almost instantly. Tektokirka, 23, fell nine stories straight into the street.

The family wants to sue the contractor responsible for the construction work

Helen, the terrified Cobra’s 16-year-old cousin, immediately ran to the apartment to tell her family about the accident. An ambulance was called immediately.

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A few minutes later, paramedics appeared at the scene, but could only confirm the death of Kubra – after falling from such a height, nothing could be done for her. The family announced that they will sue the contractor responsible for the construction work – it is about installing thin plastic panels that cannot support the weight of the 23-year-old Cobra – knows

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